Monday, February 27, 2017

Scam Alert

Living with a computer expert, I have long been schooled on how to keep my computer clean. It’s why my Facebook activity is so limited and I generally avoid ‘free’ software.

In my email today I saw something supposedly from Bravenet about my account being deleted. I paused before opening the message; did I ever sign up for Bravenet? If so, I didn't remember it.

So I went to the official Bravenet website and clicked on the password recovery button. My email address was not found. So please be warned. I probably avoided something nasty invading my laptop.

If you see the same message, here is a quick link to Bravenet’s account recovery page:



  1. I get similar things from sites I don't have accounts with. They must scatter those emails far and wide.

    1. Ew. I bet you're right, my dear. I hope more and more folks learn how to cope without getting computer viruses. Be well!

    2. Not a problem. I hate scammers preying on honest people.

  2. Yep...this happened to me, too. I do not trust anything. Thanks! Hugs.


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