Thursday, February 23, 2017


There is something about our home that draws centipedes. I think it might have something to do with the semi-rural property edging our sleepy subdivision.

These creatures are not small. They are only marginally shy. One spring the creepy crawlers were everywhere.

I once saw a cheeky monster headed right toward me where I lay across my bed writing in a journal - in broad daylight. Another got into an open DVD case. When I picked it up to put the disk away, the centipede went right down the neck of my blouse.

So the other day should have been no big deal. But I saw it during my morning ablutions. Feeling vulnerable, I called to my partner, who proceeded to not even see the monstrosity hiding in the lower corner of the glass shower stall.

“How is it that I see these things everywhere and you never spot them at all?”

“You have cent-ar.”

I stared blankly. Don't judge. It was early.

“Get it? Radar? Cent-ar? Centaur!”

Yeah. We are geeks. And as previously mentioned, we laugh a lot in this house.



  1. Ha! We get an occasional centipede in the bathroom in the Summer. Grizelda loves them...and spiders. Me? I love Grizelda.

    1. Awesome, my dear! Thanks for sharing Grizelda's talents. Jezebel used to dismantle centipedes but I would find the legs everywhere. That was not so pleasant, so I would rather deal with them myself.

  2. Maybe they're just drawn to you...

    1. You know, you have a point. Critters of all shapes and sizes do seem to gravitate toward me. Yikes.

  3. HAHA....Well I guess what we get could be worse. We deal with ants in the Nashville area. I think I will stick the ants and leave those guys to you guys! lol

    1. Ooh, Pam, my dear, I don't think I would trade. There is something about ant hoards that bothers me more. I do like seeing the leaf cutter ant trail tubes at the Cincinnati Zoo, however. Best wishes!


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