Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Cohabiting with Cats Versus Adult Human Beings

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my beloved Luna's death. I didn't exactly feel like hanging out with people, fortunately able to keep to myself beyond a visit to the health club. I did admittedly talk briefly to her memorial stone, otherwise acting normal and finding comfort in her memory.
By NawtyKitty ( Picture by: Banazer)
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At around four this morning when hungry cat Jezebel woke me, I thought of nothing sad while lying upon my Luna-free pillow. Instead humor came to mind as the above title proclaims. This post is for you, little Luna.

My Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty

As advertised, The Pros and Cons of Cats Versus Humans:

A cat won't complain when you turn on a light in the dark
But she is more likely to wake you for food at three AM
You won't hear complaint about the thermostat setting
But a human might offer a fun way to warm up
Cats won't gripe when you continually hit the snooze bar on your alarm clock
But don't expect him to make sure you aren't late for work
Cats never much care what you wear
But she will think nothing of clawing your favorite shirt
A cat won't complain when you pass gas
But some produce their own stinky emissions (fortunately, not my girls)
Cats don't gripe when you have stayed out too late
Nor are they likely to greet you at the door unless hungry (or like doting Luna)
Fall asleep on the couch half the night? Fine - no hard feelings
But remember steadying claws may come out when you unbalance your sleeping pal
Felines never fear the future
They also can't offer solutions to your concerns
You never need worry about your cat's college debts
But she won't help pay the bills, either
A cat will never undermine your writing goals
Unless she wants to lie on your keyboard

All in all, animals of all shapes and sizes are welcome additions to my home. Well, except for the mole digging up my front lawn. Sigh...

What furry family member rules your roost?



  1. Lovely photos and so true. There are four cat nights and ten cat nights. A toast to your departed lovely Luna! Deaf Miss Daisy is in charge here. Elderly, mouthy, enthusiastic and demanding but oh how I love her!

    1. Thank you for the kind word! What a delight to read about Miss Daisy. You are such a wonderful advocate and inspiration.

  2. Hi,
    I can imagine how you feel. I had a beautiful black cat with the prettiest emerald green eyes for 22 years. His name was Clay. I had to put him to sleep on April 4, 2008. It was tough and I stayed with him until he had gone to sleep, but it was still tough.
    Clay was one special cat and I decided not to get another cat until I had worked through my loss of Clay. Even today, seven years later, the memory of him is still with me.
    All the best.
    Pat Garcia

    1. 22 years! Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes, my dear.


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