Monday, August 10, 2015


The Sky's the Limit (or at Least a Beginning)

Blessedly, I still have both my parents. They have reached an advanced age and I’ve mentioned before that my mother suffers numerous health issues. For now, Dad is doing pretty darn well. And I thank the Lord. While Mom hangs in there getting regular occupational therapy, she’s in limbo waiting for more leg surgery. We hope she will walk again.

Meanwhile, Dad is slowly working toward a decision that my siblings and I consider long overdue. He has begun cleaning some of the accumulation from nearly four decades at their current main residence in a long-term goal to downsize (and hopefully dwell in a single story home). During my last visit he surprised me by handing over a box of unused chalk pastels. Mom probably purchased them back in the 1980’s and I’m tickled that he opted not to toss the set out of hand.

To tie into my serendipitous notion, I actually looked at buying a set of these very art supplies a few months back. Deciding I shouldn’t spend the money, I forgot the notion just like I’d forgotten my mother buying the set I currently possess. Received a week ago, they saw some preliminary childish play today.

A video on YouTube introduced me on their use, which is simple but not necessarily intuitive. As a writer, I tended to want to hold them like pens or pencils. ~grin~ It will be fun to see what I can create.

I won’t mention Dad’s gift to Mom out of fear her sometimes confused mind will misconstrue the event as a sign she’s never coming home. Perhaps, however, I’ll get good enough to draw a past beloved pet. Or at least a sunrise…

How about you? Any serendipity blessing your creative life these days?



  1. Wow, post a picture of your first creation, will you?

    1. How kind of you to ask! It's not especially good, the paper I used not even terribly conducive to the medium, but I suppose there is no harm in sharing. ~blush~ It's all in fun, right? I'll update this post with a photo sometime today.

  2. My mum is 94 and not in bad health, considering! Those chalk pastels look great and I would love to see something you create. I write a monthly column for a local magazine and whenever I'm searching around for a topic, something happens that gives me inspiration!

    1. I'm so glad your mother is doing relatively well. I forgot all about taking a picture of my first creation. Best wishes on your column. What an achievement!


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