Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen odors I despise:

Cigarette smoke
Fresh-cut grass – due to allergies
Pickles, though I’ll eat them
Car exhaust
Bubblegum – too sweet
Wormy, post-rainy day stink
Tequila, especially mescal
Campfire smoke the next day in my hair
Wet dog
Applewood smoke bacon – it lingers long after my partner has downed the nasty stuff
Stale sweat – combine with cigarette smoke and watch Darla turn inside-out
Burnt matches
Burning rubber – a tire fire near my grandparents’ home lasted an entire summer when I was a kid

There seems to be a theme here with smoke. Interesting.

For the fun of it, I listed fragrances I adore on my Sand Castles blog. It’s not so steamy, but I enjoyed the comparisons. You can read here:

Thirteen Fragrances That Turn Me On


  1. I'm with you on those, though I do like fresh cut grass and bubblegum!


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  2. Well of course smoke would be prominent. It can be incredibly stinky.

  3. skunk
    chicken litter
    boy feet ... ewwww

  4. I'm with you on these, especially:
    Cigarette smoke ('cause I'm allergic to it)
    Pickles (I can't even eat them. Yuck!)
    Wet dog
    Stale sweat (OMG! That is some of the ickiest...)
    Burning rubber and skunk smell about the same to me, so yeah, Ew!

  5. (some) Cigarette smoke, wet dog, stale sweat and burning rubber are also smells I dislike. However, some of the others on your list i don't mind at all...

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's interesting how we all have different likes and dislikes. My mom can't even smell skunk, somehow. I don't mind that one, reminded of family visits to a friend's farm and the long drive home on a summer night as Mom and Dad lsitened to talk radio.

    I actually had even more fun listing the good ones at my Sand Castles blog, here


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