Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

If things have gone according to plan, I’m tucked away in a woodland cabin on a lake as you read. Anticipating my private writing retreat, I’m writing this in advance. Appropriately, my list includes thirteen things to take on my getaway.

1. Hiking boots – I plan to enjoy nature

2. Notebooks – walks will require handy writing material

3. Pens – my closest colleague at work has a mother-load from suppliers that he’ll let me pick through (he likes me)

4. Backpack – for all the pens and paper, maybe a sandwich; I have a cute, long-unused canvas backpack featuring a fuzzy profile of the Grinch

5. Laptop – sounds like a no-brainer to many but there was a time I never wrote directly to my hard drive; that’s changed

6. Reference books – as I write this, just over two weeks ahead, it’s time to look at what wise folks have recommended and go shopping; there’s no internet connection where I’m going

7. Electronic accoutrements – for a non-technical person, I’ve amassed an astonishing array of iPod accessories and want to make sure mood music is available at the touch of a button

8. Workout clothes – even if I decide to exercise indoors for some reason, I plan to move my body at least an hour every morning

9. Fuzzy socks and cozy lounge clothes – for after the exercise

10. Bottled water – I have been spoiled and can’t imagine what the water tastes like out there

11. Fresh foods – there will be no fancy dinners out or frozen dinners in, I am thinking of something in-between with lots of fresh fruits and veggies

12. Main dish components – vegetarian (Japanese natto, anyone?) and meat-based (probably the lazy route, deli)

13. Piles of printed manuscripts – for when I want to just sit with a pen and scribble much-needed corrections; this is priority number one, in fact

What I don’t plan on taking is a camera, though I might change my mind. My photographs are never as vivid as journal entries. I have a tendency to distance myself behind the lens, which makes for a disappointing experience in retrospect.

I also plan to leave movies at home. If I really feel the urge, I’d rather pick from the selection offered to guests. That is just too deliciously reminiscent of “The Ring”, a favorite and enduringly creepy horror flick.

Hopefully I'll still be around in another seven days...

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