Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Thursday Thirteen

A good friend of mine wrote a great list before ever seeing the rather opposite one that I posted last week. She's a gifted writer with invaluable insights and encouragement. And I thank her for the honor of sharing this, as well as reminding me of the good in my partner! I'll let her writing speak for her talent and wonderful personality:

Inspired by Darla’s lists, when my husband did item number one, I decided to add twelve more to make my own list of thoughtful things he does. These are in random order, other than the first one that started my thinking.

1. He frequently calls me from his drive home to be sure I don’t miss a beautiful sunset.

2. He buys little items for my various collections and lets them take over the house.

3. When he finds an interesting critter or natural phenomenon outside, he’ll stop what he’s doing to find me and shout “Honey, bring your camera!”

4. He offers to take me out for dinner on special days or just to give me a break from cooking, even when he’s too tired to go anywhere.

5. One evening, after I left for a meeting, he brought out his smuggled supplies and made a dessert for my birthday. He was disappointed I came home early because he was about to start the cake. In addition to the surprise itself, I was impressed he found all the ingredients and remembered which pans I prefer to use for that item.

6. He happily agrees to proofread even my longest stories.

7. Even when tired from an especially long day at work, he’ll ask if I have any errands for him to do on the way home.

8. My writing stories in my head while we’re having sex doesn’t bother him. This isn’t entirely his loving nature because there is a useful side effect of writing erotica, but I think it’s unusually understanding.

9. He doesn’t mind me watching over his shoulder while he reads my fiction, knowing I just want to know which parts caused him to laugh.

10. I’m presented with flowers and cards for no reason other than he is thinking of me.

11. When he traveled for work on a regular basis, he’d find attractive scenery postcards to send with his “wish you were here to see this with me” messages. The postcards would often arrive after he returned, but that didn’t lessen the sentiment.

12. Although primarily shopping for his own voracious reading habit, he often makes sure to include a book or two on a subject he knows I find of interest.

13. He makes an effort to find things to compliment. That, or it comes naturally. Either way, it’s appreciated.

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