Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 13

In the process of writing, I have found that certain misspellings are inevitably overlooked by the software spellchecker. For today’s Thursday Thirteen I decided to make a list of them.

I’m happy to report that it took several days. Many are prevalent, which is especially annoying. Number seven defies logic. A few are downright funny. I'll let you guess which word I was trying for.

Perhaps you can relate to a few of these.

1. Form vs. from

2. This vs. his

3. Worm vs. worn

4. Mattes vs. matters

5. Officer vs. office

6. Loose vs. lose

7. O vs. to - ???

8. Dual vs. duel

9. Grin vs. grim

10. Differed vs. different

11. God vs. good

12. Melting vs. meeting

13. Lace vs. place


  1. Interesting. I have seen some amusing word suggestions from the computer, and I never thought to save them.

    Strange, I thought I posted a version of this yesterday. It showed me the post when I finished, but it wasn't here when I logged in today.

  2. Word does try to be helpful, but can end up causing more trouble sometimes :) Great reminder, Darla!


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