Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Thursday Again!

Wow! Is it really? I hope you enjoy my silly list. It's only thanks to a friend that this is here. I appreciate all your wonderful emails, Dilo!

So here it is; my favorite baby animals. They are not really in any order except as I think of them. However, I am saving the most surprising for last. It is just about my favorite, though not for cuddling.

1. Domestic cats – especially when the kittens have learned how to use the litter box but can’t yet wave those little stick-straight tails

2. Mice – this isn’t to say they’re my second favorite as stated above, but they recall fond childhood memories when my family had a breeding pair; the newborns were like pink pussy willow catkins

3. Praying mantids – they are thinner than a pencil line and just as alert as can be; a mated, murderous female is at the opposite spectrum, however (Yikes!)

4. Horses – colts, especially baby Clydesdales, are painfully cute

5. Sheep – a stuffed toy lamb was a favorite growing up

6. Dogs – I’ll never forget our mutt's precious puppies; the big one turned out to be nothing but fur when bathed for the first time

7. Brine shrimp – who doesn’t love Sea-Monkeys? I had them as a kid and again in my twenties!

8. Groundhogs – one little darling trundled through my yard last fall on Mama’s heels

9. Wild cats – so alike and yet so different from their domestic cousins

10. Freshwater pet fish – another pleasantry from childhood

11. Elephants – their matriarchal society is fascinating, too

12. Sea horses – the adults are precious enough, though; I’d set up a saltwater tank if I could afford a pro to take care of it

13. Cobras – they are poisonous within hours of birth, perfect miniatures of the adult; people think I'm a bit of a loon but there it is

Upon reviewing this I find myself tempted to set up a tiny fish tank and perhaps get a Beta to enjoy while writing. Then again, my electronic photo frame filled with images of beautiful men is probably distraction enough.


  1. Thanks for the kind words!
    Maybe an electronic aquarium image would be a good compromise.
    After doing some research on the baby rattlesnake we found here, I learned two important things: they are more dangerous when young because they don't control their venom, and they are usually in litters of 18-20. They are not on my favorites list.

  2. You deserve all kinds of kind words. And about rattlers, oh my! I can understand that. My exposure was via a nature program. People hate the Midwest but I'm at least close to the top of the food chain here. Heh...

  3. I think you should get a beta, Darla. I think Michael should get a beta, too....


  4. I love this list! You and my husband would agree on the Cobra thing; he's a big herpetologist. I like things I can pet. And love. And hug. And call George.

    Um, hmm. :)

    Happy TT!


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