Sunday, October 10, 2021

Polly’s Follies – 3

Our sweet Polly doesn’t cause quite the destruction disruption as her sister Terra, but don’t let her fluffy cuteness fool you. One day I stood before the bathroom medicine cabinet, drawer open off to the side, and heard a scrabbling sound. There was Polly, hanging onto the drawer by her front toenails.

Here Polly poses with my Krotchy doll...
If you're brave, you can read about the
video game character toy here...

Another time my cell phone atop the nightstand rang. The ringing stopped before I had a chance to answer, whereupon Polly knocked it to the floor. ~sigh~ Below she is about to do the same with our garden produce.

Early on I used empty water bottles to divert her from chewing on electrical cords (!) which has blessedly kept her from being electrocuted. After Polly punctured a full bottle I quite storing cases within easy kitty reach. When she found one of my favorite snacks unguarded, the crackling wrapper must have posed too tempting.

The last of my Kind snack bars...

Would you allow such a ferocious beast into your home?

The next video is her fierce attack on a plastic bottle. I cannot believe how much smaller she was in February!



  1. I would...I definitely would. Terra, come for a visit here through the tunnel ANYTIME! I'll text you the coordinates. I know you mama got you a cell phone.

  2. Interesting that she's so into plastic.

  3. Yikes! Wish I had tips for you, but I don't!

  4. Oh my, she is quite the character. You know what "they" say, the world couldn't be flat because the kitties would have knocked everything off by now.

  5. Polly is a gravity tester. Our Prancie was one too. :) Polly is adorable even if she is a wee bit naughty. XO

  6. HAHA...sounds like you do have your hands full. Misty is not a big player but she likes the cat cigar that I dip in catnip! Oh and if you read todays critter blog you will see her fave security "thing" to carry around. I have to say though, Lily was more of a challenge then Misty was as a babe.

  7. The last video of her playing the bottle is so nice!

  8. Every object is fair game, I say!


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