Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Life – I’m Lovin’ It

Dear as he is, my husband’s food cravings are killing me with kindness. Yesterday’s physical check-up informed me that I’m now officially on the diabetic scale, my current blood pressure medication is inadequate, and my cholesterol is too high. Of course, some of this is genetic and these conditions run in my family. And the doctor was happy with my slow weight loss and exercise regimen, plus amused at how I handled hubby’s latest hankering for McDonald’s new spicy chicken nuggets.

In the name of portion control, for the first time in my 51 years I got a happy meal. The smart phone app even let me choose the theme of my toy.

(I could have opted out, but where’s the fun in that?)

My pick? Jurassic World, betting on the hope I’d receive a dinosaur to dress up my little indoor ‘fairy’ (read: zombie) garden. Heh…

Enter, if you dare...

That box has theme park ‘doors’ you can open. Tucked inside were my hamburger (the bun was oversized, but oh, well), apple slices, and the cutest little box of French fries I’ve ever seen. Also, a giant egg!

A Carnotaurus egg?
Dino even has moving parts. Yes, I am easily amused.

 Seriously, check this out...

Did your parents ever buy you a happy meal, or you do so for your children? And why did I wait so long?



  1. I used to order happy meals for myself when I was working still. I loved those happy meals. No overeating and they are good when you're on the run.

    Have a fabulous day, Darla. Big hug. ♥

  2. Nope, I've never had a Happy Meal, but I adore the videos on social media of folks dressed in T-Rex costumes, doing all kinds of nutty things! I just may get one of those for myself.

  3. Happy meals started at just about the time I was too old for them. I missed them by thatmuch. Sigh. My SIL complained about all the toys they were buried under from various kids meals, so this is only a good thing in moderation (like most of life).

  4. That is cool! I don't remember Happy Meals, but my niece gets them for her 2 daughters once in a while. Sorry about your health problems. :(

    1. Awww... Thanks. It is what it is. Right? That seems to be the standard phrase. ~hugs~

  5. oh my.....oh my....oh my....I am thinking you need to get out more! lol....You did good getting your HAPPY MEAL. Nope being a tad older then you I am pretty sure that Happy Meals were not a thing when we got our first McDonalds! I have gotten them for me before. As for your video of the dino, you really should have put one of hubs fries in that mouth!!! See, you and I would be pretty much dangerous together...But if you are going to work on that Diabetic scale, the cholesterol, and BP...you need to stay away from McDonalds.lol

  6. Oh! MY! COD! Why does not the Canadian McDonalds have those toys! What cool dinosaur!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Ange Nellie

  7. Thank you for stopping by. I'm sorry you don't have these toys up north. Be well!


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