Sunday, November 8, 2015

You Know it's November When...

It's National Novel Writing Month again! As a result of procrastination, I decided to share a late night notion.

You know it's November when...

Your friends and family know better than to call just to chat.
Comfortable pajamas become a wardrobe cornerstone.
Laundry day results in writing sprints between loads.
You memorized the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough rather than delete any output.
Timers aren't used for baking.
You mine every experience of your life (and everyone in your vicinity) for plot ideas.
Headphones have become a daily accessory.
Online chats inevitably include cat photos, talk of weapons, or word wars.
You type until your hands are numb because leaving the patio for a sweater would cut into your writing time.

How about you? Notice anything unique about the month?

As a bonus, here are two of my distractions:

Are You Done Writing Yet?

Yogurt Face



  1. YOGURT FACE! ~dies of teh funneez~

    I totally needed this post today, m'dear. My quirky habit is that I get up at 0500 on a Sunday just to get words. WORDS! ~pets the words~

    1. I debated titling Tilly's photo as "Faces of Yogurt" but it seemed a stretch despite her addiction.

      Good for you on the writing habit. Stroke those words. ~grin~ And on that note, I'd better get back to mine.

  2. I totally understand. November is the season when reclusive writers get together with other reclusive writers so they can be reclusive and write together.

    1. And you are a kindred spirit who inspires me to leave my nest. Thank you! You are an awesome NaNo ML, to boot.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I have been. Still need to get my writing in for the day, which had a not-so-fun incident from ol' yogurt face there getting too much of a good thing while I was at the gym. But the guilty human cleaned up the last cat yack pile, so I did my duty. ~sigh~ Best wishes to you, Corinne!

  4. Yogurt Face!
    OMGOsh, Gorgeous Kitty Cat!!!!

  5. What a funny faced kitty, perfect photo title too.

    1. Thank you! She looked almost stoned after getting a few licks from her "daddy's" container, so I ran for the camera.


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