Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tidings for June, 2015

I can hardly believe this is the ninth of June! So far, it has brought ups and downs. But this post will focus on the upside, to be sure.

  1. My mother seems to be doing better despite ongoing and recently exacerbated health issues.

  1. Loved ones have kept me updated and been supportive when I update them.

  1. At least seeing Mom’s strength and health issues inspire me to work out.

  1. I impressed a fitness trainer today with my strength.

  1. My strength and will allow me to keep my house and gardens lovingly (if not perfectly) maintained.

What brings you joy today?



  1. Health and fitness are such a blessing, it's true. Stay strong!

  2. My cats bring me joy, and I am trying to walk everyday. I enjoy walks and thankful I can still walk.

    1. You are such a boon to the stray cat society. Thank you for sharing your kind words and blessings, my dear.


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