Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidings for May 12, 2015

A month or so ago, my fellow authors on the Writer’s Retreat blog decided it would be a joyous thing to start sharing five blessings every Tuesday. They might be intimately personal issues or have more of a world view, and items may vary from the silly to the profound. It’s all about bringing some positive energy into the world. I hope you enjoy my inaugural entry:

I’m thankful:

  1. my home is filled with laughter.
  2. I enjoyed a wonderful week visiting the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. the spring weather appears amenable to planting annual flowers and vegetables (note the operative word ~grin~).
  4. it’s still early enough that I can visit the YMCA and achieve some other chores before lunch.
  5. for plastics which, despite various negative connotations, make my modern life so much more comfortable than I can imagine without the stuff.

Since my daily journal entries open with five blessings per Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” teachings, I hope to keep the lists varied. It’s a rare day that nothing comes to mind even if there are perennial repeats I cannot avoid.

At any rate, the title for this came to me shortly before rising for the day. Is “tidings” too antiquated a word? I’d appreciate suggestions, as well as reading what blessings you can name today.

When we have a group linky set up on the Retreat, I’ll share that here and you are welcome to add an entry from your own blog if you wish. Happy Tuesday!



  1. Positive thinking is powerful indeed! Bless you!
    Keith's Ramblings

    1. Oh, thank you. That's very kind. I'm so glad you returned safely from your visit to Turkey and hope to read about it, though I'm certainly thrilled you're back to sharing flash fiction.

  2. I know it's Thursday, but I think it's good psychologically to count ones blessings, so here are mine for today:
    1. It's early and the two loves of my life are still curled up in bed - my hubby and my cat.
    2. I recently left my job to do more writing and housekeeping - and I'm loving it.
    3. I have the opposite of green fingers but I have started a veg garden.
    4. I have a HUGE and very close family.
    5. Materially I don't have lots of "things" but I have everything I need.

    1. Wonderful list! I share the second one in common with you. It's such a relief to have shed a stressful job. I'm delighted that you stopped by and shared your blessings. Blessings to you, my dear.

  3. I was wondering about this, Darla! Sigh. Am I too late? This week I just feel blessed to have friends visiting, cooking for them and having my son at home. I am also grateful for good health, a lighter workload. Most of all I am happy to be tackling my piled up laundry! I love washing clothes! :D

    1. Anytime you want to chime in is fine! What a wonderful list. Bless you, my dear.

  4. I totally forgot about the Tuesday Blessings. Thanks for sharing yours, and for reminding us to be positive! I like the title Tuesday Tidings. It implies (to me, at least), that counting one's blessings also puts things into perspective and therefore organizes one's mind. Or something like that. lol.
    And in this spirit, may you'd find blessings in your life each day and be filled with positive energy and laughter. :)

    1. You are very kind. Thank you, my dear. I think that listing my blessings really does help organize my thoughts, putting them into a more positive light. It's rare that I'm so upset about something that I skip this in my journals.


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