Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Foodie's Find

Like things a little spicy?  How about some crunch in your life?  I found just the thing to satisfy both those cravings.

They are crispy jalapeños under the Fresh Gourmet brand name.  My local grocer stocks them in the produce department alongside various bagged salad toppings.  The heat is unpredictable, as warned on the bag, but I don’t mind.  The lightly salted crunch with an amazingly fresh and fruity jalapeño taste has me hooked.

The crisps are versatile, too.  While excellent on salads, a handful makes a good standalone snack.  A sprinkling also perked up that old Midwestern standby – green bean casserole.  I added just a dash to the classic French fried onions.


Then I cooked hash browns the other day.  I like my potatoes nice and crispy, too, so that turned out to be another great pairing.

I look forward to coming up with new ways to spice up my dishes.  How about you?  Anything unique at the store catch your eye?


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