Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The View From My Back Porch

Sitting outside to write on a chill day, I couldn't help be distracted by the view. It's not oceans or mountains, but I still see some fine things. You can't help noticing that many are birds. I only miss my summertime friends, the turkey buzzard.

1. Cardinals

2. A red bellied woodpecker

3. Black capped chickadees

4. Neighbors visiting

5. Starlings

6. My bare Japanese maple

7. A tufted titmouse

8. Sparrows

9. A stalking cat (okay, that was yesterday, but still)

10. The barren "vulture tree"

11. My neglected Eastern Bluebird house

12. Grass that needs cutting

13. House finches



  1. Wow. This sounds so serene and wonderful! :) I miss the view from my mother's back porch. There's always something so relaxing about a back porch when you can see and hear the birds.

    Buone Feste - and Happy TT!

  2. Sounds beautiful! I love Japanese Maples.

  3. For a minute there I thought neighbors visiting was a kind of bird.


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