Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The Color Blue

Thirteen things that are blue; inspired by number 13.

1. The Caribbean Sea

2. Smurfs

3. My novelty pen from a colleague’s trip to Las Vegas

4. The background of MS Word on my company desktop

5. A vintage name patch from Walt Disneyworld

6. Part of a short story title I need to finish writing (“Into the Blue”)

7. The aptly named Blue Jay, a native bird of North America

8. Those distinctive veins in gorgonzola cheese

9. Jugs for our home water cooler

10. Brilliant Irish actor Cillian Murphy’s eyes

11. Blooms of the Heavenly Blue morning glory, a favorite flower

12. The ink on a good friend’s inspirational postcard

13. Tor Cyan, a Genetic Infantryman from futuristic British comic “2000 AD”


  1. I love Caribbean blue, but I could live without the Smurfs. ;-)

  2. I've got the same MS Word screen. It's up right now.

  3. Blue is my favorite color! Wearing a Smurfy blue on my toes right now! LOL!


    My TT is at

  4. I like the color blue, its a soothing color.


  5. Why do I suddenly have the song "L'Amour et Bleu" in my head? *vbg*


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