Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Been Honored!

I've received the exciting opportunity to offer a new, original title for a charity sale! The LGBT Bookshelf is the brainchild of the gifted writer Mel Keegan, his wiki page a creation to enhance opportunities for independent writers. The goal of this sale is to raise advertising funds - a chance to get our presence known as the place for writers and readers interested in gay publications.

There will be a number of terrific items offered at great discount prices - wonderful wallpaper images and a variety of interesting reads. Very soon you'll be able to visit the sale web page and see for yourself. In the meantime, I agonized yesterday over writing a promotional piece for my short erotic fiction titled "Miya". I received a great deal of technical and artistic advice from some very kindly and patient souls. Today I decided all this effort deserved a vote from anyone else kind enough to read my blurb and give an opinion.

Teaser for "Miya":

Kenji Miyamoto is a Japanese American pretending to live the American dream. Fresh out of police academy, the orphaned immigrant suspicions that he’ll never live up to the image of his “Super Cop” older brother. Denying his gentler personality and hiding his homosexuality from colleagues, the lie he’s living is further compounded by an attraction to his new partner. The heavy-handed yet soft spoken Nathaniel Drake has stepped right out of the younger man’s Hollywood-inspired fantasies. Working nightly alongside Drake, Kenji begins to wonder what it would be like to submit to one so strong. Would the thought of dominating a submissive gay lover make Drake’s heart race or send the dedicated and compassionate patrolman running for cover? If “Miya”, as Drake insists on calling him, can accept his effeminate nickname, Miyamoto-san might just find out that not everyone fears the truth.

I hope you'll tell me what you think, dear reader. And thank you, darling Dilo and friends at the Artist's Retreat, for all your help and support!


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