Sunday, December 16, 2018

Unplugged and Unleashed

Last Friday turned out to be quite a downer. Just about every post on social media revolved around heartbreak or upset, either physical or emotional distresses.

No doubt presented a photographic review of 2018 as I saw others share on FB, one dear lady’s heart broke anew over reminder of a young cat killed in the road. She spent this past summer nursing that little rescue and his mother to health, documenting them in daily pictures. A few weeks ago she turned them over to her brother, who proved less responsible.

Little Cleo never reached adulthood.

Three local mothers shared deep concern over their daughters. One, college aged, is suffering mysterious gastrointestinal misery and we’re waiting to learn what her dual invasive tests reveal. The second, a few years younger, has serious behavioral issues. A grandmother of the trio sees her adult child suffering intense neck pain.

These poor moms feel helpless, their hands all but tied.

Another friend, who moved from my area to Ireland with his new bride, found himself unprepared for the roles of husband as well as father to his soul mate’s teen-aged son. He undertook it like other endeavors, I’ve learned, planning to emulate good dads he’s known. Finding himself unable to maintain the sort of mask that exhausted him at the end of a normal workday, he exposed a side his lady love could not handle and has since been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I believe his uncertain future includes an annulment.

So on Saturday the fifteenth I fired up my laptop, disconnected Internet connectivity, and focused on a short story. My husband gently teased that I was going to my ‘safe space’.

He wasn’t wrong.

On the bright side, my freedom from the usual digital barrage allowed my muse to soar. I’ve since furthered an incomplete story and fostered ideas for future chapters.

I should focus on the positive fact that all these struggling with grief at least knew/know love, shouldn’t I? How was your weekend?



  1. This time of year is so very difficult for many. Added stress of the holidays and it makes things even more difficult. I focus on the positive as well. There is so much misery in the world and it can weigh one down. I don't want to go there either.

    Have a fabulous, positive day, Darla. Big hug. ♥

  2. Ah yes, the horrors one can find online. And this time of year can be especially rough for many. I know I need to disconnect myself.

  3. Sometimes we need to unplug to save our sanity. Seeing so much sadness is so depressing. I feel bad for all those people and kitties, but there is only so much one can do.

    1. I hope your kitties are doing well. ~hugs~ Best wishes, my dear.

  4. Oh my....being on the internet, FB and blogging I have had to try to not let all this stuff get to me, it is hard. If that is not bad enough with the growth in our area, crime and shootings have really picked up, but then you have the commericals where they are begging you to join this animal site or children site to help the abused or sick. I can't help, I barely make it on my own so that bothers me that I can't help then I think...I AM helping. I took on Misfire, loving her and taking care of her so she would have a good life till the end. Not that she didn't to begin with but her pasture mates were gone and she needed to be somewhere that there were other horses. I take care, buying feed and flea meds for the barn cats. THat is not cheap while I feed my own babes and the feral in the hood. I am doing all I can and I try to keep that in mind. My family took on an elderly lady this yr to do Christmas this yr. We figured someone out there always looks after the kids so we wanted an elderly person. This is something we just started this yr but will be doing from here on out. It is just sad, their are struggles all over but you hear more about it during this time of on another note, I am fighting with Lily right now. It is 34 degrees and she is sitting at the back door meowing LOUDLY to go on the deck. High today is suppose to be 53, in this house (since I leave the door open) it has to be 50 or above!! haha

    1. Your efforts on behalf of humans and animals both are inspiring. ~hugs~ Oh, silly Lily. Heh...


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