Friday, December 21, 2018

Accountability – Who Knew?

Years ago a friend of mine wanted to communicate early every morning, via whatever form of instant messaging existed in the day, to motivate one another for the day’s goals. I declined, saying my husband didn’t trust the Internet security of such a thing. While true, and he still refuses to use any sort of typical social media, that was also an excuse.

I knew who would benefit from her request, and she would have been the only one. To me, the thought of needing someone to hold me accountable seemed ludicrous. If I am not going to get up and do something on my own, nobody else will make it happen.

Leave me alone and I get things done.

And I might reward myself with images of cute boys...
Fast forward to today. Perhaps due to the fact I’m so much older, and my body sometimes resists what I know needs done, my good intentions don’t always see fruition.

Then, as it happens, over the summer I made a close friend who has become like the little brother I never had.

We communicate almost every single day, most often via Facebook messenger. In an ironic twist, that’s turned out to be an insecure way to converse. But I’m rather addicted to our chats. And telephone calls are something I tend to dread. I’m much better at communicating with the written word.

But I learned something interesting the last few days.

Not out of any conscious intent, I tend to inform him of the day’s plans. That usually entails writing and exercise goals in response to what he has shared. And when I tell my friend Robert that I intend to, say, go for a swim, it disappoints me if I fail to do so.

I am simply more likely to follow through. If you’ll excuse me, now, I have to get off the Internet and get on my NordicTrack.

Do you have an accountability partner?



  1. No I don't. I don't put unnecessary stress on myself anymore. If it gets done it does and if it doesn't it doesn't. I rarely say anything about what I might want to do on any given day. No stress. Okay, there is a lot of lazy going on too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Not in the daily way you mean, but yes, it helps to have someone holding me accountable. For instance, I lose weight more successfully with Weight Watchers than on my own. I know someone else will be weighing me, and jotting down if I've had success that week! I don't go anymore, too expensive, but it did work for me. I'm still waiting for the doctor's office to get back to me about their program.
    Daily, I tend not to tell anyone my plans, then I don't have to say, "Oh, I didn't get around to it," or make some excuse why I "couldn't."

    1. I know what you mean about weight loss. A friend talked me into trying Diet Workshop years ago. I told no one besides my husband when I started going, not even her (I went to a different location). It shocked my coworkers when I suddenly came to work in new form fitting clothes. :) Be well!

  3. I am glad that is working for you. No one can make exercise, I am just too lazy. Well, maybe if Nic Cage was going to call me daily :)

  4. I'd exercise daily just to keep Nic Cage from phoning me! Can't stand the man. In the words of a character in The Weather Man (never seen, never will), "I don't like his face." That's one of my all time favorite quotes! I also don't like his acting. Another opportunity to say, "To each his own!" I might exercise if Sean Bean called me! Or, to prepare to meet him!

    1. Interesting! There are few men I cannot stand. ~grin~ Sean Bean, by the way, is delectable. Heh...

  5. I'm glad that you found it works for you. Interesting how our lives change. It sounds like you didn't need the accountability before, but it helps now. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Thanks! And today I need a boost to get off my backside. ~grin~ Be well!


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