Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bliss Interrupted - A Haiku for the Day

Bliss Interrupted

Weightless, earthbound flight
She emerges wet, shriveled
Gravity drags her


Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidings

Today is a one I like to dedicate to reflections upon the blessings in my life. In that spirit, I must say that I'm thankful for the following five things:

1. Words and Writing - my life would not be the same without them

2. Mom - who read to me when I was a little girl and shares my love of language

3. Dad - for kicking my butt at Scrabble and thereby teaching me strategy outside a strength in spelling

4. Having both parents - I'm thrilled by a low divorce rate in my immediate family

5. Parents with diversified interests - Corvettes, gardening, pets, and music are fondly shared delights

My friends at the Writer's Retreat Blog are in on the joyous fun. I hope you will join us for:

Gratituesday in the Zen Garden


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Tidings for May 12, 2015

A month or so ago, my fellow authors on the Writer’s Retreat blog decided it would be a joyous thing to start sharing five blessings every Tuesday. They might be intimately personal issues or have more of a world view, and items may vary from the silly to the profound. It’s all about bringing some positive energy into the world. I hope you enjoy my inaugural entry:

I’m thankful:

  1. my home is filled with laughter.
  2. I enjoyed a wonderful week visiting the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. the spring weather appears amenable to planting annual flowers and vegetables (note the operative word ~grin~).
  4. it’s still early enough that I can visit the YMCA and achieve some other chores before lunch.
  5. for plastics which, despite various negative connotations, make my modern life so much more comfortable than I can imagine without the stuff.

Since my daily journal entries open with five blessings per Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” teachings, I hope to keep the lists varied. It’s a rare day that nothing comes to mind even if there are perennial repeats I cannot avoid.

At any rate, the title for this came to me shortly before rising for the day. Is “tidings” too antiquated a word? I’d appreciate suggestions, as well as reading what blessings you can name today.

When we have a group linky set up on the Retreat, I’ll share that here and you are welcome to add an entry from your own blog if you wish. Happy Tuesday!


Monday, May 11, 2015

A Day in a Cat's Life

On vacation last week, I found this really cute rug for either my kitchen or bathroom (I haven't yet decided). The colors and ocean crab theme fit the bathroom but would also work near my dishwasher to reduce foot fatigue, as well. Well, my cats like the new rug right where it is, not far from their food bowls.

They've been taking turns on it. Today, Tilly really cracked me up because I sometimes call her Jelly Bean when she lies around with her round belly hanging out. And guess what name the manufacturer's chose for their rug brand?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

By Popular Demand... Garden Photos!

Thank you, dear bloggers, for requests to see photos of my garden. It's early, so there will be many more interesting things. But here are what has been happening this spring.

Crocuses Peaking Between Tulip Leaves

Flower Bedecked Memorial to My Beloved Cat

Hellebores Heaven

My Rebuilt Little Retaining Wall

I look forward to planting annuals next week. What's blooming, plant or otherwise, in your neck of the woods? Happy gardening!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reflections Upon the A to Z Blogging Challenge

This first week of May I am sitting with a door open upon the Atlantic Ocean. It's delightful, and the view helps inspire introspection. This seemed the perfect time to write my reflections upon the April challenge.

First off, I felt the moderators did a wonderful job. Several of these fine folks did visit my posts, both here and on the Artist's Retreat blog. And they left very bolstering, friendly comments.

The guidelines seemed to be ignored by many bloggers, but on the flip side some very friendly participants reminded me to include my website's location within comments. That really does help others to find you, and many took that opportunity to make a kindly reciprocating stop. I know of one person who dropped out due to a lack of comments from others. Perhaps she missed out on this directive.

There are so many wonderful folks I want to mention.

Talented author Catherine Noon is one because she introduced me to blogging and inspires me on a regular basis in all things writing and beyond.

Vidya Sury kindly mentioned me on her blog in thanks for my encouragement when she truly inspired me with her lovely theme of writing for her son. And we plan to begin sharing blessings weekly on that aforementioned Writer's Retreat Blog. That should be a fun way to spread love and joy.

Keith really wound me up for writing flash fiction for he is a master. And he had sweet commentary for me whether I blogged about gardening, music, or celebrities. I look forward to his return from a fantastic sounding visit to Turkey. Travel safely, Keith!

The Squirrel Nutwork is a fantastic resource on nature in Virginia hosted by a foursome of delightful squirrel characters. Nutmeg and company are a joy. I continue following them for wonderful images and information.

Moggies and all things cat-tastic can be found at That's Purrfect. I'm addicted, and Carlton the cat is a delight.

If you want to read about a hero to feline strays, look no further than The Cat Woman.

I count my blessings when reading the stories by Drusilla Barron about her difficult childhood and equally thank heaven that she came through the other side with such an obviously awesome attitude.

Would I do the challenge again? I think that answer is a resounding YES. Will I also do the Camp NaNoWriMo novel challenge simultaneously? Probably. April was interesting, for sure.

Happy May, all! I look forward to gardening upon my return home.

What are you looking forward to this month?


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zinnia - One Last Flower on My Summer Wish List

The majority of my gardening revolves around perennials. However, I think it’s time for me to make room for zinnias. The Farmer’s Almanac had this to say:

Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow, grow quickly, and bloom heavily. They make a massive burst of color in your garden.

How can I turn that down? You can read more and find pictures of them on the website here:

Farmer's Almanac - Zinnias

So, it looks like I’ll be shopping for them in May, when annuals can be safely planted in my part of the world. I’d better start a shopping list to make sure to look for all the vegetables and flowers I want to squeeze into my garden plots. Flowers are such a blessing, especially as a food for the incredibly important bee population.

Thank you to all who joined me on this alphabetical journey with the A to Z blog post. As you have read, I have big plans for May. What about you? Anything interesting in the works?