Thursday, March 30, 2023

Strong Bonds and Good Memories

I like Strayer’s comment, that Jezebel and I are linked rather like an old married couple. Bathwater made a similar observation. Funny enough, dear departed kitty Luna was my soul mate. My husband, far from jealous, agrees one hundred percent. Among other adorable things, she would stand on me and stare into my face while I watched TV. He said she was worshipping me.

Vets and Techs always remarked on
her Angora rabbit soft fur...

Our Saturday mornings were awesome. I’d slip an undergarment on beneath my pajama top (protecting tender areas from wayward claws – lol) and we would snuggle on the couch together for a comedic skit show called “Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand”. My mother got to witness this.

In fact, Mom also noted how Luna, Tilly (rest her sweet soul), and Jezebel acted like my trio of satellites. This brings me back to “MST3K” because the setting where our human and robot protagonists were subject to bad movies was called The Satellite of Love. Those improv artists remain a group, riffing on bad movies in front of a live audience.

Do you appreciate improvisational comedy? Did you ever watch “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in either its British or American incarnation?


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I Did It Again

Yesterday I decided to use a up handful of frozen strawberries by covering them with a thin layer of semi-sweet chocolate. In past using Baker’s chocolate I would set the microwave for thirty seconds on high, stir, and repeat until getting the desired consistency.

Still foggy from my little respiratory infection, I decided to just set the oven for a minute. Just as the timer began beeping I turned around and saw smoke billowing out of the microwave.

Oh, no, I thought, not again. Opening windows fast as possible, I asked my husband for help with the smoke alarm. My handy stepstool didn’t give me high enough reach. But he just sat there, watching me scramble, saying he didn’t hear any alarm.

“Right!” I hollered. “And I don’t want to!”

He remained sitting on the couch, unconcerned. I’m thankful my measures proved adequate and we didn’t get another visit from the local fire department. I wish I’d photographed my chocolate hockey puck. Let’s hope I can get the burn marks out of the microwave.

It still stinks - baking soda should help.
Did you know chocolate could char? Do you ever wish you could hire a home cook?