Monday, September 18, 2017

Sweet Time at the Beach

Earlier this month I visited my current favorite place on earth, North Carolina’s Outer Banks along the United States’ east coast. Meeting the sunrise with camera in hand is a favorite way to start my day there. Early on I found that another beachgoer didn’t have quite the enjoyment expected. The photo made my sweets addicted partner sad.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

RIP Harry Dean Stanton

The loss of actor Harry Dean Stanton saddened me last night, but I’m thankful he acted to the end of his ninety-one years. And he seemed to have gone peacefully as possible, of natural causes.

Today my partner sent an article that included an embedded movie trailer of his last project. It’s titled “Lucky”, and is the directorial debut of another excellent actor by the name of John Carroll Lynch. I wish all involved the best success with what looks like a bittersweet treasure of an independent film.

To all of Mr. Stanton’s loved ones, my heart goes out to you. May he rest in peace.

Check out this movie trailer!


Friday, September 1, 2017

Emerson Barrett's Art

I decided to share more artwork by drummer and artist Emerson Barrett of Palaye Royale. This length of rolled paper hangs in their tour bus, with another ten feet coiled on the floor. This is a screen shot from video shared the other day.

Look at This Detail
Talk About Being Painted into a Corner!

I Want These Shoes

Would you wear these shoes? I think they deserve a display box.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

My New Obsession

I’m having entirely too much fun looking up videos and images of the band Palaye Royale. Drummer Emerson, the prominent pen and ink artist among the brothers, has become one of my writing muses.

No Mischief Happening Here...
There is nothing like seeing someone doing what he or she enjoys. Rock on, Emerson!

Livin' the Dream
He is just way too cool. Check out this below from a lyrics book. He also doodles this amazing art on walls.

Lyrics to 'Don't Feel Quite Right'
Mom would have approved of the hats. ~grin~ But he even looks adorable with 'bed head'.

I Wouldn't Mind Waking to This...
Guess I have a new obsession, huh?


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Seat on the Council

Sebastion, Remington, and Emerson Are Palaye Royale

The band Palaye Royale has me so hooked that I listen to ‘Boom Boom Room (Side A)’ every single day now and yesterday joined their street team promotional Facebook group known as the Royal Council. Since I already shared their (awesome) official video for 'Mr. Doctor Man', I’ve provided links to one of their fun little promotional clips and an impromptu acoustic performance below.

For those of you who cannot watch videos due to a lack of time, your employer’s permission, data capacity (sorry, my cynical sailor’s sidekick ~hugs~), or what have you, let me tell you a little about the boys.

Emerson, Remington, and Sebastion are three brothers born in Canada and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Palaye Royale is pronounced 'pal-ay roy-al'. They took that name from the dance hall in Toronto where their grandparents met.

(Isn’t that sweet? I adore origin stories like this.)

Their album’s sound has classic rock influences with a punk sensibility and (I think) a hint of rockabilly. The ‘Side A’ in the title comes from the fact the brothers first intended to release thirty songs, believe it or not. Lucky for us, ‘Side B’ should be out by year’s end.

Not only is their music great, their fashion sense is awesome. And I have to say that Remington’s smoky voice really shines in the acoustic version of ‘Ma Chérie’.

Now I just need to convince their tour manager to book a gig or two at Cincinnati Ohio’s 20th Century Theater. Built in 1941, the building’s Neoclassical Moderne architecture was made for their fashion-art rock style. The venue’s fabulous sound and intimate space are amazing, too.

Do you think I can convince them to play a four hundred person capacity theater? I mean, heck, if they'll play in an equipment trailer, why not?


Monday, August 28, 2017

Feeling Ducky

A friend sent me a video featuring rescued ducks, which got me to thinking about colorful North American phrases that feature those amazing fowl. They include my title, 'feeling ducky', which means a person is in good spirits.

While I don’t know the derivation or origin, I cannot picture an angry duck except in cartoon form. And Daffy sure can pull a snit! ~grin~ Seriously, do a search on ‘Daffy Duck angry’. It’s a hoot. That boy needs to relax.

There’s another phrase I heard in childhood that indicates a person tackled a task or skill with ease – 'like a duck taking to water'. Or when someone doesn’t allow a bad situation or insult (et al.) to bother them they let it go 'like water off a duck’s back'.

If you want to watch the (quite short) video, I will warn you that the music gets a bit tedious. But the footage is amazing.

Do you know of any other phrases that feature ducks? I imagine the fabulous birds get prominent mention in many languages.


Friday, August 25, 2017

New Music!

I am a recent media socialite (is that a phrase?) and signed up for Instagram a few weeks ago. Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe fame is one of the artists I follow. The bass player and lyricist extraordinaire never stagnates, always looking for the next artistic outlet. He also stays alert for musicians to promote.

Palaye Royale
And I am extremely grateful to him for introducing me to the group Palaye Royale. A little lighter than my usual listen of late, the album ‘Boom Boom Room’ is playing as I type and I’m liking the sound. A lot.

They consider themselves a concept band according to Nikki, but I agree with his opinion that their sound transcends that description. Check out this great video:

I should see them live, shouldn’t I?