Saturday, May 27, 2017

Write On!

I’ve been a little stymied rewriting book fifteen of my novelette series. The direction feels good, it’s just not moving forward as of yesterday. So I decided to look at book sixteen.

Ooh, it read like stereo instructions. That’s okay; I welcome the opportunity to create new. With the opening altered a little I stopped again for the day to spend time with my partner.

Today I thought, Now what? What always gets my creative juices flowing? Write a love scene. That m/m/f scene evolved, or rather devolved, when a jilted lover returned home.

Now I’m having fun setting up a massive argument between two characters already splitting up. Unfortunately, I have to stop and mow the grass.


Here in the USA most people have a three day weekend due to Memorial Day next week. I will likely attend a local parade and ceremony, then delve back into writing while my neighbors et al host barbecue parties.

What fun do you have lined up for the weekend?


Friday, May 26, 2017

A Haiku for the Day

A Cardinal Spring

Flashing red feathers
‘Pretty me’ the male bird sings
The female agrees


Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Power of Prayer

I have faith, not religion. And I believe in the benefits of prayer even if there is nobody to hear. It grounds me, improving my attitude if nothing else.

That said, is it wrong to do most of your praying naked? I realized that truth not terribly long ago. ~shakes head~ I guess the action of showering shuts off this writer's inner fictional dialog.

I do like to think God has a sense of humor. How else can you explain the platypus?

Still, what if my odd tendency annoys who or whatever is out there? Maybe I should set aside a meditation period after my Julia Cameron style morning journal time. What do you think?


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Feeling the Fall

No, I did not take a tumble if my title misleads. I’m quite well aside from an overzealous workout and this blasted early heat.

I am not a fan of summer. It’s too hot and humid. I hate cutting grass; afterward I feel like someone dumped me in a swamp. So I’m going to recall the joys of autumn and thank heaven we have air conditioning (the heat pump is being given a professional check-up as I type).

Even the Trees Sigh in Fall
Tilly Among the Halloween Toys (Pre-Weight Loss)
The Path Less Traveled
What is your favorite season?


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Faster Pussycat Slows Down

My introduction to glam rockers Faster Pussycat occurred with the 2006 release “The Power and the Glory Hole” full of salacious sleaze rock tunes. Imagine my surprise when I found Taime Downe (love that name) belting out a heartfelt power ballad.

It was 1990, after all. So, since I’m feeling lazy today and have yet to post, here’s the video. Enjoy!


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Demanding Life of a Princess

We have long determined in this house that cats are tool users. And we, their opposable thumb wielding servants, are the tools. Jezebel, in particular, continues teaching old humans new tricks.

Take for example the throne room. Note the food dish next to the ‘purr pad’ (a big hit with our kitties, purchased online from Drs. Foster and Smith).

Bow Before Me
She could walk to the long established feeding area but prefers breakfast, in particular, brought to her. We did draw the line at bringing over water so the sofa doesn’t get wet.

What? You Put the Blanket Here

Don’t you think we caregivers deserve a little coddling in return? Nobody brings me food in bed. We’re lucky if this one joins us on the loveseat once a week.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Happy Accident

Last fall, cleaning out the garden and mowing yet again, I placed my tomato cages behind my car knowing full well my partner intended to run an errand.

Which car do you think my partner chose? Mine, of course.

Heart sinking, I heard the most horrible screeching sound over the lawn mower engine. At least the car didn’t get damaged but two of the three cages are now melded into one.

I was able to use them for my sugar snap peas this season. And that’s when things got amusing.

At just the right angle, I noticed the twin cages’ smashed top resembled Crowe T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K to my fellow geeks).
What Do You Think?
Have you ever watched the show? Do you see the resemblance?