Friday, July 20, 2018

Living the Life of Kitty Luxury & My Ongoing Struggle

Thanks to Pam Jackson at the Whimsical Way for prompting me to blog after a bit of an impromptu break. ~grin~ Since I’m so busy with a writing challenge I decided to go for an easy topic – felines. After all, our cats never cease to amaze me. Just when I think a piece of their furniture (and they have lots) will never be used again, one or the other pops in for a nap.

Take the basket in the photo below, for example, which I haven’t seen used in years. Jezebel usually prefers the top of one of the (three!) tall cat trees or one of the purr pads on either a couch or her queen size so-called ‘guest’ bed.
I See You; I Just Can't Keep My Eyes Open
It was a surprise she stayed so still to photograph. She normally is a blur in my photos, always on the go. I guess she was too sleepy here.

She is not young as she looks, having moved in the spring of 2003 on the cusp of adulthood. Jezzy went into heat about a week after we got her. SO likes to call that a great prank upon us by the friends who found her in their yard a few neighborhoods away. They dumped her in my lap during a game night visit and she went home with us that very evening.

Meanwhile, we estimate Tilly to be at least seventeen years old. I found her through the Humane Society as a young adult in 2001. She is very sweet but not at all a typical cat. For one thing, she never grooms. People have surmised she didn’t get a proper lesson from mom. We’ll never know.

It seemed she was going bald about a year ago. I was sort of relieved, as taking her to the groomer puts stress on her. But as you can see in the photo below, a trip can no longer be postponed. I’m afraid the knots will soon begin to pull on delicate skin.
Tilly AKA the Briar Patch
Unfortunately, I cannot get through to our usual groomer. I’ve left two voice mails and an email. This isn’t the first time, for whatever reason. Renee seems to like me just fine and we never quibble over the price. She and/or her husband dote over Tilly whenever we arrive for our appointments, too. So why I struggle to make appointments is a mystery.

I am putting SO on the case as of today. For whatever reason, he never has a problem getting through.

Have you even seen a shaved cat? Hopefully, you will soon.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for July 14th and 15th

Wow! It’s almost mid July but feels like August with this heat. At least the vegetable garden is happy. We’ll be making fresh salsa later this afternoon. Yum.

Thanks to the lovely Facebook writers of Rainbow Snippets being so welcoming and encouraging, I have another bit of LGBTQIA+ oriented prose to offer this weekend. I hope you’ll check out some of what these other great folks are sharing, linked here.

In this scene, two platonic friends are on the verge of becoming more. Intimacy and erotic power exchange are implied, so please be warned. I hope you enjoy.


I stilled, crouching in the middle of the floor a safe few feet from him. A purr erupted from my chest followed by his growl conveying a very important message.

I cleared my throat, saying, “I need you to say the words.”

“I want you,” said Johnny, a teacher’s pet in his linebacker’s body.

Some of the most powerful people, from every walk of life in this world, needed to relinquish control now and again. Telling myself Johnny Wainwright needed it I recognized my able willingness to take responsibility over my friend’s will and fulfill his needs.


How is your weekend shaping up?


Friday, July 13, 2018

Darla’s Discoveries – Home Maintenance & Patience, Patience

It’s hard to believe we have lived in our home for over twenty years. The experience has been good for the most part. A huge perk is not having loud, obnoxious neighbors stomping around over our heads. Home ownership also requires upkeep on a scale I never understood as an apartment dweller.

The constant effort to keep everyday weather, especially rainfall, from wrecking our southwest Ohio home has proved daunting. We considered brick infallible thanks to three misleading little pigs. We were wrong. Tuck pointing and sealing require regular maintenance. Otherwise, believe it or not, your home may not be blown down by the big bad wolf but can turn into a rocky sponge.

So, for this Thursday’s discoveries I’d like to recommend finding someone you trust to work on your home. Today there are countless websites where you can read service reviews. Back when our walls needed fresh paint, my art framer recommended a former classmate. Lucky for us, that fellow does all kinds of work and knows many skilled specialists.

Regardless how it happens, after you find a reliable contractor treat this person with respect and listen to suggestions. Our man Dale has a company motto: Persnickety by Nature. And he is. That means jobs get done right.

As a result, these contracts can also take a while to fulfill. Hence I mentioned patience twice. Before restoring the interior aesthetics of our cellar Dale has waited for months, wanting to verify that our exterior was sealed against future damage, every bit of resulting mildew eradicated, and inside surfaces remain dry to his specifications.

Work in Progress
This once waterlogged cellar nook supports our main floor fireplace and the chimney. Restoration included not only sealing a huge crack (the grey line is the sealant) but ripping out all damaged materials, resulting in a damaged drop ceiling track as you can see above. It's been a solid year since repairs began. Today all that remains is replacing the removed carpet. If it weren’t for limited resources, I would insist all the basement carpet be removed. It’s been nothing but a nuisance through multiple floods and leakages. ~sigh~ At least I can (literally) breathe easier.

Once Flooring is Laid, I May Install Display Shelving
Have you ever suffered flood damage or mold issues?


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summertime Woes

I’m beginning to think that winter is preferable to summer in numerous ways. Sure, it’s nice not dragging around a winter coat. But the outdoor chores seem never ending and I hate sweating buckets over them.

Of course, some of these efforts bring food to the table. We’ve been harvesting chard for quite some time, finding new recipes and finally just blanching the leaves to freeze for later use in place of spinach. The first tomatoes are ripening, too.

Meanwhile, the cucumbers are going crazy. We check every morning for ripe ones and they still grow out of control when missed, doubling in size overnight it seems. Around 11:30 yesterday SO started pickling the five or so pounds of cucumbers harvested over the previous two days.

The process took three hours. Today we harvested more.

This is Just the Beginning
Aren’t I lucky to have a gardening buddy willing to slave over a hot stove making pickles?


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rainbow Snippet for July 7th and 8th

Welcome to another round of Rainbow Snippets. Please visit our group’s Facebook page. There are a number of talented writers who gather to share bits of their LGBTQIA+ related works. Many of these folks are deservedly published or soon to be, and I’m honored they let me join their ranks.

This weekend I’m sharing something a little different. Alex sometimes has thoughts that are a little overdramatic. I hope you enjoy.


At last I understood what my father meant about God residing in each of us, and how we couldn’t find salvation in religious dogma. Would my quashed leopard have comprehended these truths sooner? Instead I dragged my rather reluctant parent into this or that church over my formative years, never to find what was lacking. Later, sex gave me a flavorless taste of what I thought was spiritual joy, like sips of stagnant water from a drying well.

This man’s radiance cleansed my soul. My heart would stop beating if Nickolas asked it to, and restart at his command.


Have you ever put a significant other on too high a pedestal?


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Windfall

For weeks we have been watching our first tomatoes grow larger and larger without turning red. More than once I teased SO about my temptation to pick a few and fry them up.

This morning we discovered last night’s wind storms blew over our EarthBox! Thank heaven, the two large plants are fine. Some of the fruit got torn off the vines but, again, we are blessed. No insects got into them during the night. And we have plenty more still attached.

Guess who’s cooking fried green tomatoes today?