Friday, October 12, 2018

The Case of the Collapsing Cantaloupe

The other day my partner brought home the fruit I requested, a melon, and cottage cheese upon which to eat it. Yesterday afternoon I prepared to serve myself this yummy treat.

But the cantaloupe looked lumpy. Odd.

Preparing to cut into its rind and see what was what, I found a small swarm of gnats taking wing. Ugh. I picked up the fruit to find fuzzy mold all over the bottom, a shameful and disappointing waste.
Remington Leith, Front Man of Palaye Royale
& How I Reacted to the State of My Fruit
What the heck?

A while later I solved the mystery. Also a little earlier in the week, my dear love pulled an ancient, near empty can of baked beans out of the refrigerator at my behest, only to leave it sitting on the counter. Last night I picked it up, dislodging the lid, and found the can was not rinsed clean for recycling as assumed.

It also had a fine coating of furry mildew. And there were more gnats. Those hungry little flyers must have transferred the mold from the beans to the fruit. No wonder almost every room of our home has been visited by those little pests. Maybe the next fruit we bring home should be from the freezer section.

What’s your favorite fruit?


Monday, October 8, 2018

A Near Miss, Back in the Saddle, & a Revelation – Adventures of a Dirty Minded Matron

It’s official. My body feels better when I consistently lift weights and swim laps. Today I returned to the YMCA fitness room for the first time in weeks. My morning started with rattling lungs and use of my rescue inhaler, a creeping, increasing occurrence.

Photo Courtesy of Barricuaeddie
Then it dawned on me while resistance training – I think the regular deep breathing improved my asthmatic old lungs. Needless to say there are definitely more gym trips in this able body’s near future, God willing.

On the way there, though, I almost caused an accident. And it was all the fault of my libidinous brain. There was a trio of power line workers standing on the sidewalk on my way to the Y, one of them rather attractive.

I grinned at the oblivious male before returning my eyes to the road. Right in front of me another car had slowed to a near stop for a right hand turn.

Thank heaven quick reflexes saved us a rear end collision! To celebrate avoiding that mishap, I’m going to write another naughty tale.

Don’t you agree I should just enjoy my dirty mind?


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Not Technically a ‘Rainbow Snippet’ Snippet (Borderline NSFW)

As mentioned in the title, this post is not exactly family friendly. And if you are ill at ease reading intimacy, please feel free to give the following a skip. It’s a little beyond suggestive. Instead, feel free to enjoy once again a boy in a dress during this past LA Fashion Week.


Remington Leith of Palaye Royale
If you are hanging in there, let me first say I’m sorry that I did not participate in the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets the last several weekends, in part due to our long trip out of town. Today I am too busy trying to get back into (re)writing and catching up on laundry to do those talented authors justice (reading their snippets and commenting).

But in the process of working on “The Cat Who Ate the Canary” this afternoon I decided to take a minute and share something anyway.

The five sentence snippet is meant to illustrate the weakness of a character who breaks off relations with his morally ambiguous, manipulative ex-wife. I’ve struggled with the sentence/paragraph structure before. Today I think I may have gotten it better.

If you have a minute, please read the former and latter incarnations and tell me what you think. I appreciate constructive feedback. As for back story, Jackson is getting turned on by a stranger and wonders if he should have continued relations with his ex. Thank you, Lisa, for mentioning the confusion.

Before today:

Lighting a cigarette, Pamela announced her pregnancy by the fertile new husband lying in post coital infidelity. Jackson held his breath and his tongue that day. He walked out that motel room door with socks stuffed in his jacket pocket and became a devoted hermit at the ripe old age of twenty-seven.

He had not regretted the decision for one minute. Until tonight.

My revision:

Lying with her ex-husband in post coital infidelity, Pamela waved a lit cigarette announcing her pregnancy by the fertile new spouse. Jackson held his breath and his tongue, and walked through that motel room door with socks stuffed in his jacket pocket.

A devoted hermit at the ripe old age of twenty-seven, he had not regretted the decision for one minute. Until tonight.


In the first one, doesn’t it read like the new husband is lying with his wife in post coital infidelity? ~snicker~ I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!