Monday, October 8, 2018

A Near Miss, Back in the Saddle, & a Revelation – Adventures of a Dirty Minded Matron

It’s official. My body feels better when I consistently lift weights and swim laps. Today I returned to the YMCA fitness room for the first time in weeks. My morning started with rattling lungs and use of my rescue inhaler, a creeping, increasing occurrence.

Photo Courtesy of Barricuaeddie
Then it dawned on me while resistance training – I think the regular deep breathing improved my asthmatic old lungs. Needless to say there are definitely more gym trips in this able body’s near future, God willing.

On the way there, though, I almost caused an accident. And it was all the fault of my libidinous brain. There was a trio of power line workers standing on the sidewalk on my way to the Y, one of them rather attractive.

I grinned at the oblivious male before returning my eyes to the road. Right in front of me another car had slowed to a near stop for a right hand turn.

Thank heaven quick reflexes saved us a rear end collision! To celebrate avoiding that mishap, I’m going to write another naughty tale.

Don’t you agree I should just enjoy my dirty mind?



  1. Yes you should enjoy your naughty mind. Don't we all? I hope so.

    Have a fabulous day, Darla. Big hug. ♥

  2. That is funny, I am glad you didn't get into an accident. Yes, please write.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and support. Be well, my dear.

  3. Oh shoot! Glad you missed. I got an intersection red light running camera flashed at my car once. Why? Because I slowed in the left hand turn lane, to smile at a guy in the lane next to me, who was cute and smiling at me. Then when I realized the arrow for turn was green I had to hit the gas to get through the light. The cop said that's what triggered the camera, the speed change. I didn't get the ticket though. I guess we may be old but we're not dead.

    1. Thanks for the kind word and great story. Heh... Be well!

  4. Glad you missed the accident. Ouch. I've heard weight training is good, especially as we get older. Take care.


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