Friday, December 28, 2018

To Bean, or Nattō Bean – & – Itty Bitty Bananas

Sorry about the bad pun. And the Japanese word is pronounced naht-toe in reality. But I couldn’t resist (sorry, Liz ~grin~).

This type includes four servings to a package, others only three.
All provide nutritional information in English on the bottom.
I may have mentioned fermented soybeans before. Having heard about it years ago as a favorite classic Japanese breakfast (now, not so much as I understand), I had to taste. My first one came frozen via US Postal Service, believe it or not, because no grocery store I knew carried such a thing. Now, a nearby multinational market called Jungle Jim’s has a freezer full of various brands from which to choose.

Each serving is in its own little Styrofoam box.

Most Americans I know would be put off by the fermented beans’ slimy texture. Back in my office days I would take this to work for my lunch on occasion. As much as the meal itself, I enjoyed horrifying my domestic colleagues while intriguing our Japanese transplants.In truth, it’s a mystery how I managed not to make a mess at my desk. This morning I wiped my mouth after every bite, and went so far as to wash the lower half of my face afterward. Heh…

It’s seriously sticky stuff.
That clear plastic off to the right kept the sauce packets from getting gooey.
Nattō has been around for thousands of years. Commercial production began in the early twentieth century with the discovery of a bacterial starter culture simplifying the process. Thanks, Wikipedia, for the good article.

There is a sort of coffee flavor to our favorite brands. Served over rice and topped with the contents of both these savory sauce and hot mustard packets included, it’s quite satisfying. I add a dash of regular soy sauce to the rice, as well.
Chopsticks were gifted me by the proprietress of our favorite Chinese eatery.
Jungle Jim’s also carried miniature bananas from Costa Rica. How nice to have a taste of the fruit without getting tired of it. My husband and I have taken to sharing the larger kind available from most grocers. Today I teased, asking if he wanted to split a banana before handing over one of these little things. My cheekiness earned a laugh.

Two bites and you're done.
Have you laughed out loud today?



  1. No laughs yet. I'm preparing for a doctor's appointment about making a colon cancer test! Nothing wrong with me, just the age they want to do them. So, no, no laughs...
    I've read about natto before. I guess it's either yummy or the worst thing anyone can taste! Or they couldn't take the look of the sticky strings!
    I'm not a fan of fermented foods, other than the "usual" ones we don't think of as fermented foods. Yogurt, soy sauce, chocolate, cheese, yeast breads... Those aren't the kinds I mean.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Oh, bless you! That sounds like no fun at all. Best wishes, my dear. I did not know that chocolate could be considered fermented. Fascinating!

  2. I've never heard of this before. Looks like you almost need a shower after eating this. I do love your sense of humor.

    Have a fabulous last Friday of the year. Big hug. ♥

    1. Thanks! I enjoy making folks laugh. Happy New Year!

  3. I would definitely be put off :) No laugh out loud today, but my great-niece usually makes me LOL.

  4. I should go exploring some international markets. Considering the diverse population we have in the area, I'd probably find some interesting foods.

    If we count a day as "in the last 24 hours", this made me laugh out loud:

    Actually, the last time I laughed so hard I couldn't stop, it was via one of their tweets. It had to do with train tracks...

    1. Thank you for sharing! I needed a laugh today. Hope you get another good chuckle today!

  5. I think I've eaten that before. A single banana is too big for one person. It's nice you two can share. Or buy the mini's!

    1. Interesting. And isn't it wild that fruits and vegetables have gotten so huge? Weird. Hope you're well today!

    2. Did you know the bananas on the back of a bunch are the shortest? So, when you buy them, break them off the back.

    3. Oh, thank you for the tip! I can see that in my mind's eye.


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