Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fussing with Floss

For whatever reason, our latest package of dental floss has a manufacturing flaw. The product performed fine for weeks before the strands all of a sudden unraveled last week and forced me to open the case for a fix. Today that happened again and it took three tries before I found a solid length of sturdy intact ribbon. We’ll see how the rest goes.

Meanwhile, I thought about two other minute issues with super simple solutions. The first involved waste. There have been numerous instances through the decades when I failed to pull out an adequate amount and couldn’t get the proper grip to hold on. Then one day several years ago I had an eye rolling moment.

After one successful cleaning, I held out the used thread to gauge its length. That turned out to be the same as my forearm.


Works like a charm. But be warned, I have short arms. ~grin~ So user results will vary.

As for another complaint, I have mentioned an increasing gag reflex which builds during the flossing and brushing processes. For whatever reason, thank heaven, the sensitivity doesn’t extend beyond my own fingers.

Now before your mind goes into the gutter, maybe I’m just talking about not gagging in the dental chair.

~shakes finger~

Anyway, I found an ability to pretty well clean between either my upper or lower teeth without retching. This allows me to rotate between them and maintain good health.

In addition, my hygienist recommended flossing in the afternoon as opposed to morning per some anecdotal experiences. Some other, less fortunate patients struggle through the professional cleaning. Since I’m pretty satisfied with my results, I haven’t made a real effort to test this. But I will keep my prescheduled appointments to late morning at the earliest.

Did you know there is an alleged link between poor dental hygiene and heart disease?



  1. I have the same problem and hubby is even worse. It can be fun listening to us while brushing and flossing. This afternoon I have a cleaning at the dentist office. Same gal I've had for 25 plus years.

    Yes I know about the link between poor dental hygiene and heart disease. Goes with our animals too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Oh, no! I'm sorry you're fellow sufferers. Seems like my post has ironic timing. Good luck on a clean bill of health! As for that link, a search turned up some ongoing debate on it. But who cares? I want healthy teeth, anyway. ~grin~ Be well!

  2. I really, really hate X-rays for just that reason. When they go for the back teeth, I end up gagging on those things.

    1. Poor dear! Lucky for me, it's not an issue for whatever reason. Odd. Be well!

  3. I did not know there was a link to hear disease. Did the dentist tell you to use a water pik? I am always being told to do that, but I am too lazy. My hubby uses it and it has helped so I should too.

    1. I'm too cheap to buy one. And they had one on display in the office but never mentioned it, oddly. I'm not sure the dentist himself even knows I have an issue, anyway. Take care of your teeth, though, my friend!


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