Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Review of ‘Bodies in the Boatyard’ by Ellen Jacobson

I am honored to have been gifted the second Mollie McGhie cozy sailing mystery in grateful exchange of a fair review. Thank you, Ellen, for this opportunity. Free reads are awesome, as is the opportunity to support other authors.

Again, Ms. Jacobson’s delightful and quirky sense of humor shines as Mollie fumbles her way toward solving another murder case. In fact, as the title implies, there are two. And the plot includes way more suspects than stiffs.

Favorite characters return, such as Ben the poor dressing wannabe pirate who does odd jobs around the marina and pines for his elusive lady friend. Readers are also given further glimpses into the protagonist’s loving marriage. Exchanges between Mollie and Scooter never fail to make me smile.

I get the distinct impression there is a good deal of Mr. Jacobson in Mollie’s protective, chocolate and Capn Crunch loving partner. Please let Mollie’s propensity for finding dead people remain fiction. ~grin~ The light romantic elements woven through the various relationships, meanwhile, provides a fun and realistic touch.

It’s not beach season here in my northern hemisphere neck of the Midwestern woods, but curling up with this e-book in the light of my Christmas tree almost made up for the grey and chilly venue. If you like demanding kitties, especially those worming their way into aspiring sailors hearts while helping her intrepid human find clues, you’ll enjoy this book.

Bodies in the Boatyard is available both as an eBook at Amazon and paperback both on Amazon and Barnesand Noble. I hope you’ll give it a read and perhaps visit Ellen’s humorous and interesting blog, The Cynical Sailor andHis Salty Sidekick. Other places to find Ellen Jacobson include Facebook and her author page.



  1. I've got the paperback, but haven't read it yet. I sure enjoyed her first book. I too could see so much of Ellen in Mollie. I'm looking forward to reading this book after I finish the book I'm reading.

    Great review, Darla.

    Have a fabulous day and be well. ♥

  2. It sounds like this is a good beach read, or a good read for those pining for the beach :)

  3. Aww...thanks so much for your lovely review :-)

  4. Great review. This sounds like a good read.

  5. A kitty involved in this tale, eh? Well then, makes me want to give it a read.


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