Saturday, March 21, 2020

Waterlogged & Brain Wrecked

Low level anxiety is dogging me these days, and I’m certainly not alone. To combat this I decided on walking the local bike path again. However, my attempt at a relaxing hike rather backfired. With a personality tending more toward gallows humor than doomsday alarmist, the following view nonetheless set me back a pace. I mean, come on…

The drop-off to the water should be about twelve feet. Yikes!
And that rectangle off to the right is a submerged bench.
Our citizenry has been acting calm, but Mother Nature? Not so much. I tried saving a stranded fish with no luck. Maybe he or she knew better and will survive.

The asphalt path is totally underwater.
Meanwhile, today I woke up intending to address the 2020 census packet received two evenings ago. That letter including a twelve digit user code was nowhere to be found, the envelope alone atop my purse. Going into a minor panic, I didn’t want to admit the loss. My husband is under enough stress with stock market dips and spreading infection, plus the situation itself embarrassed me.

You see, misplaced items have appeared in odd places a few times before. I think I’m being clever when sleepy and later fail to relocate what’s been moved. ~shakes head~ So, I proceeded looking about the house without saying a word. By early afternoon, mind boggled, I looked up what to do in case of a lost ID and dialed a number provided on the census website.

While on hold, I found another option and began the process without that code. Then I ran upon a snag, wondering how my husband specified his Caucasian ethnicity. Since he agreed the census would be my responsibility, I decided to ask.

As it happened, he took care of the census queries early this morning. ~sigh~ We shared a good laugh, both admitting responsibility in the misunderstanding.

Have you received the census packet? Who in your household will likely take responsibility for responding?



  1. Yes, I got two!!HAHA...I have one for the old house and one for the new. Which one do I do? haha....anyway, as for WHO, well not thinking Chey or Lily will decide to take that on so I figure that will have to be yours truly! Matter of fact, I need to fill out my paper work to renew my contract so I guess this evening I will work on both....UNLESS I find something more interesting to do. As for a walk, its colder then crap here after almost 70 yesterday, I am not going to go out and walk NOWHERE! Heck I have been doing way to much of all that since I moved, from one room to the other, up and down the stairs. I am not sure I will ever get all this in a place!

  2. Yeah the ethnicity question boggled my mind, and feeling under stress to come up with something, I suddenly typed out Welsh on the online form. Welsh? What? I then became worried that would get me in trouble, not being Welsh, not even knowing why I wrote that down and tried to call the number to ask for a redo, but gave up after too long on hold. So now I identify as Welsh. I have to own it.

    1. As it happens, my husband left that blank for both of us. I'm sorry for your stress, but on the bright side you made me giggle with that last line. :)

  3. In India the census is slated to commence next month. But here, officials come personally to each household and document the details of people. Considering that India has a population of nearly 1.33 billion, this is one of the most elaborate processes in the world, you can imagine.

    Now with the virus wreaking havoc all over the place, I doubt if the census will keep the schedule.

  4. I did the census for us 2 days ago online.

  5. As I get the mail, I saw the Census packet. Gave it to roommate. I'll have to ask if she did it.

    All of my incoming mail lives in a drawer. It stays there until I do something about it. I find it's easier to keep all of my papers together like that, so when I need to deal with them, I know where to find them. A staging area, I think that's what it's called. Something my family had done from the time I was a child.

    1. I wondered how it would work with roommates. :) And a staging area is a great idea! I should do that.


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