Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I was stumbling around the internet and found an unusual collection of pictures on Flickr. So, here are thirteen images of very interesting bedrooms. They are mostly beautiful, but there are a few pretty horrific ones I couldn't resist sharing.

1. There's nothing like camping in style:

2. Here's a love nest right out of the seventies:

3. I officially want to stay in an ice hotel some day:

4. Cozy comes to mind here:

5. I like the skylights:

6. This must be from a museum:

7. The implication that we're on a sailing vessel of some kind really intrigues me:

8. I'm dizzy, but like that it looks to be straight out of a sultan's tent:

9. I appreciate all the wood here, even though the camera angle and covered windows make me feel claustrophobic:

10. I want to sneeze, imagining all the dust that would be trapped in the hangings:

11. This is just eerie, like something out of a nightmare:

12. I just love the horror movie quality of this one from an abandoned asylum:

13. And to leave you with an image of beauty:


  1. #4 brings back happy memories of a bedroom quite like that. Thank you for these warm and fuzzies. :)

  2. Those are great! I would so not be comfortable with those skylights! Eeek! The bottom pic with the trees looks like it should be in LOTR!


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  3. Oh, what interesting beds. I imagine the mosquito netting ones are someplace where you might actually need mosquito netting. Not a happy thought.

  4. These are awesome! I really love the ones with netting over them. Very romantic. :) Happy Thursday!

  5. #1 looks like a Harry Potter tent. #10 makes me think of Belize.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful comments! I'm glad you enjoyed. Now I want to curl up in one, though definitely not number 12.

  7. The ice bed sounds LOVELY right now in my 91 degree breezeless hell.

  8. #3 - I would so be freezing my butt off in an ice hotel...not to mention other parts of me.

    #5 - The skylights might be kind of cool on a clear, starlit night, but I would not appreciate the sun shining in my eyes at the crack of dawn.

    #8 - Ack! I think you just blinded me with all those different patterns.

    Great post!

  9. I'd love #10 but it's mostly white. I'd dirty it up too fast. I don't like doing laundry. LOL!

  10. Your comments are excellent, as usual. I think I'd like the last one, in a medium shade of natural wood.

  11. I enjoyed these new comments! Thank you! And the compliment is very much appreciated, Dilo. One thing about the last one that I don't get are those feather boa-type things shooting across the floor. What the heck? I should see if my dad could make that bed. It would be cool.

  12. I'd go camping more often if I could get a tent like picture #1. 5 and 13 are my favorites. I'd never get any sleep in 3, 11 or 12.


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