Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not My Mommy's Back Rub

After a particularly rough patch at work, I decided to get a massage. I've had them twice before, nice and relaxing periods of about a half hour. Each time, I've walked out feeling relaxed and a little disoriented.

Today was a new experience. Besides extending the session to ninety minutes, I had a man who must have gone to a very different school of massage than the others who've attended me. Instead of teasing knots out of the muscles, he would put very pointed pressure onto the spot. It felt like fire running through my nerves on several occasions.

One spot in my thighs sent pain shooting into the middle of my stomach. It was surreal, though at least that pain hasn't lingered. More than an hour later, I feel like bruises are going to appear inside my upper arms. The skin is actually sensitive to the touch.

I hope my $120 pays off with fewer tension headaches or something. Otherwise, I'll find somebody to beat me up for free.


  1. Hi Darla, those kind of massages are rough on the body, hopefully you will experience renewed energy along with the bruises. Thank you so much for reading my poem and leaving me a comment. Very much appreciated. :))

  2. In my experience, they usually ask which sort of massage you expect or want. As with so many things, they should put you in the position of wanting more, not less. Anyway, I hope it did some good.

  3. I appreciate the feedback! The fellow actually told me to tell him if it hurt too much. I withstood the discomfort quite easily because I knew it would end, except it's lasted longer than I thought! Some marks look like a hickey, others are a spreading yellow discoloration. Ew...


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