Friday, July 23, 2010

Have You Thanked an Author Today?

I've gotten in the habit of contacting an author when I enjoy his or her story. It's been rewarding on both ends. Just today I read the short, romantic m/m piece "Lilac House" by Jay Starre. The e-book listed his email address at the end, so I immediately fired off a short note to praise his clear, concise storytelling and nicely developed characters.

Within ten minutes, I think, he replied with gratifying appreciation. So I'll ask again, have you thanked an author today? You'll both be glad you did. Now, I should probably go through my library and give a shout to one or ten others one of these days.


  1. This is a great idea, and I don't do it as often as I should. I certainly love being on the receiving end of a note. :)

  2. Isn't that the truth! Thanks for the delightful comment!


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