Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the Name of Love

In discussing the lack of alternatives for the word "support" with my friend Dilo, I realized another big fault in that department. One of the very most annoying thing about English, if you ask me, is the word "love". We seriously need more than that and "like". Don't you agree? It's quite absurd.

In thinking about it, I'm reminded of Rosaria Dawson's great character in "Clerks 2". Her character, Becky, really illustrates my point in an acerbic way.

"I love my parents, I love my car, I love you. But romantic love? Hearts and Flowers. There's only one person out there for me... ugh... chances are there is always a better match for you out there than the person you end up marrying."

I would like to put forth the idea to fellow writers that we add some word to the English language that defines more flavors of love. What do you say, friends? Any suggestions? If we have to put up with "staycation" as a noun and "texting" as a verb, I think we deserve to take this initiative.


  1. I find a lot of words work in this department, though I'm told that French is the true Language of Love.

    I cherish my friends, I harbor warm feelings for my knitting needles, I heart chocolate, I long for my husband and pine when he's away...

    You know who's good at it? Shakespeare. Read his sonnets sometime. They're full of ways to say I love you, without sounding like a sappy idjit on crack. :)

    Oh, and I adore you, luv! :)

  2. Awww... Thanks for the fabulous comments! I do love Shakespeare. Heh... I'm especially fond of this quote from Hamlet: "The funeral meats did coldly serve the wedding feast."


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