Friday, October 8, 2021

Tenacious Terra – 2

Ever the athlete, our juvenile kitty Terra continues causing minor trouble. Finished showering, I heard a thump and entered the bedroom to the following sight.


The likelihood that Polly or Jezebel knocked over my bench are slim to none. And this dried pepper from our garden may have been knocked off the counter by Polly but her sister drags all the toys around.

Guess what this looked like in the dark...

One of her favorite pastimes remains shoving a toy mouse beneath the sliding bathroom door. I like to call it ‘mice hockey’.

Can you believe those wicked looking claws have only ever harmed me by accident? And she (grudgingly) lets me trim them?



  1. Terra sure does know how to have a good time!

  2. I love KITTY play! Misty carries a glove around with her. I have only seen her do it once, cause she does it at night but I wake and find it in different places. It was one of those cheap couple bucks winter knit gloves so I have not had the heart to take it away from her....I let her keep it and when she wears it out, I have the other one to replace it!! She is calm compared to what Lily was and still is. Misty is not a player but thats fine cause Lily keeps me on my toes. I can't believe that you think that baby turned that over...look at that face!! haha

  3. What a cutie pie. I love kitties that are in trouble from time to time. They are the best kitties.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. Big hug. ♥

  4. Cute video. And clearly that table attacked poor Terra. You might have to change her name to Terror. :) XO

  5. Cats seem to love to shove things under doors and bat them into submission !

    1. Tilly did that, rest her little soul. She liked cotton swabs, though. lol

  6. That's funny, the knocked over bench, the paws under the door. She has a lot of fun at your house.

  7. Oh yeah, I know what that pepper looks like in the dark!
    This morning, I stepped in someone's puke, but a bare foot is easy to wash.

  8. Love the "What?" look on Terra's sweet face. Dad gets me to play with things under the bedroom door like that now and then. Keeps me young, he says. Happy weekend!

  9. Mom said that getting gifts like that under the bathroom door is the sweetest thing. Terra is gifting you. She hopes to be allowed to guard you in there.

  10. Who, me? She's got that look down pat.

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you for the kind word. They are a balm during these dark times, for sure.


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