Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hello? – or – Trials of a Cat Caregiver

Today I visited my veterinary clinic to pick up thyroid medication for our cat Tilly. For several years now she’s been on 2.5 mg of felimazole twice a day.

"I'm old, what do you want?"
After bloodwork done yesterday it was discovered we need to up the dosage. I expected to hear she would go onto 5 mg twice a day like our girl Luna did many years ago.


Instead, the woman instructed us to administer two pills in the morning and one in the evening. Great. I shove Tilly’s pills down with my thumb. Now I have to do it to the poor old gal twice in the mornings?

Then it dawned on me to see if I could request one bottle of 2.5 mg tablets and another of 5. So I did. One is bright pink, the 5 mg bright orange, so even if I’m sleepy it’s unlikely I’ll mix them up. As added insurance, I’m storing the evening dose’s bottle near the alarm clock set up as daily reminder (engrossed in some show or movie, I tend to lose track of time).

This afternoon it took three tries to explain what I wanted. At one point the receptionist actually agreed to have the prescription changed from the 2.5, adding, “But then you’ll have to cut them in half for the evening dose.”

It took an effort not to roll my eyes. Meanwhile, cutting those tiny, slick things in half is near impossible. I started over.

Not a young woman, she didn’t even have the sense to be embarrassed. At least I got what I wanted. And I saved money.

One hundred tablets of the lower dose costs way more than half what is charged for the five milligram pills. I could spend $74.28 every fifty days versus $61.06.

That isn’t a lot. But when you live on a severely restricted income, you tend to notice how fast those dollars add up. And I would have needed to pick up a bottle every darn month. Time is even more valuable. I’m so glad I made the effort now to get this squared away.

Do you think most people blindly follow doctors’ instructions without question?



  1. Yes I think most follow blindly. Common sense is hardly in play anymore either. I'm glad you're using your common sense.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. I believe that a person SHOULD follow doctor's instructions, but after asking questions and getting answers! Doctors are the professionals, they know what they are doing. If you don't trust your doctor with your health, find a new one, is my way of thinking! Too many people THINK they have common sense about their health, and stop taking their meds. Think how often people don't finish the entire bottle of antibiotics, saying, "I feel so much better, I'll just save these for next time." Nope, doesn't work that way!

    Of course, that isn't saying you shouldn't use common sense to figure out a way to get what the doctor ordered in a more convenient way!
    My Edward the Goldendoodle just had blood work a few weeks ago, and he too had to up his thyroid meds to two in the morning, one at night! He also takes 2 1/2 phenobarbital twice a day, and prednisone once a day. We have to schedule our lives to be home at 10am and 10pm!
    The costs are considerable, budget wise, aren't they? I love Edward, but, sigh... I could use that $113.00 a month for so many other things. He's a keep-him-forever family member. Unfortunately, with his problems, even his age of 9 is pushing it.

    1. Oh, bless your heart. Poor, sweet Edward. I totally agree with your philosophy on healthcare. Be well!

  3. Oh yea, we understand. Sister Precious has hyperthyroid and she is on that same medicine, the 5mg. We do follow Doctor’s orders if it makes sense, if not, we question it. You’ve gotta advocate for yourself and those you love.

  4. That is a good idea. But of course someone wouldn't be able to follow your logic. People...

  5. I am a Dr. and vet's nightmare. I question everything. I recommend getting her meds at Walmart's pharmacy, they do pet meds and you will save around 30 % .

    1. Good on you! And thank you for the tip. I should try that.

  6. Good solution. Too bad "someone" didn't pick up on what you meant. There are quite a few dim bulbs out there, Darla. Too many.

    1. Thank you! Of course, I can be a bit dime sometimes. ~shakes head~ Be well!


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