Thursday, November 30, 2017

Characterization – Or How to Beat Lazy Afternoon Fatigue

The other morning I fulfilled a promise to go grocery shopping with my partner. I even made myself slow down instead of racing through the aisles. That was tough, though it helped listening through headphones to Black Veil Brides.

(stupid food, don’t you know I don’t have time for you during NaNo?)

Andy Beirsack of BVB
At least we left with lots of meals planned. That’s good. But then I drove us home where it took more precious time hauling and stowing all our finds. By one o’clock in the afternoon I had not written a single word toward my National Novel Writing Month project.

That decided me to go back out to a favorite writing location. There’s another market (pricier than where we shopped) with a public use area up on a mezzanine. I have a great time sitting up there above the produce department, spying on shoppers when my eyes and mind need to wander a moment.

It was really fun the day before Thanksgiving. The holiday brought out shoppers I don’t normally see, like the young couple who could not keep their hands off one another. ~leer~ For a moment I thought she might shove him against the strawberry display for a thorough grope.

(but that’s just my vivid imagination, which brings me to the real point)

On the way to the market I felt a creeping fatigue, probably due to the big fat deli sandwich I crammed down my throat while putting away groceries. Oh, and don’t try the blood orange flavored yogurt. Nothing like the fruit, this stuff was a sickly sweet glob of goo.

Anyway, driving through one neighborhood not far from our own I felt half tempted to turn around. However, I was not dangerous behind the wheel and figured writing would wake me up. How delightfully true that turned out to be!

I ended up creating a new character, secondary but with close ties to a main protagonist. As my word count reached the daily goal toward the coveted 50,000 due on November 30th I had lined up my next day’s story arc.
Meet Kyros 'Andy' Andropoulos, Renounced Greek Heir
Thanks to Mr. Christian for Posting his Image
On that note, I’d better get going on that. The hour surpasses my magical 11am starting period. And those words don't write themselves.

What have you been up to today?



  1. TODAY? Not a DARN thing! The dog (no clue what has gotten into him) woke me at 4:30 again this morning. I moved downstairs to the couch and napped till 7! It is now 9:30 and I am basically doing what I have been doing since waking....on the laptop! What will I be doing, emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, shower, I need to paint and then later it is my afternoon to feed the horses at the barn, after that, heading to my brothers for the next 7 days. Fatigue is wicked. I get hit by it from the Fibro and the meds. It is not like being sleepy, it is horrible and I have no choice but to lay down and nap when it hits. HAHA....course I am great at naps! Enjoyed Sand Castle, going back later to visit some more.

    1. You're so kind. And your fibro is the reason I quantified the description of my fatigue. Yet you still accomplish more most days than I endeavor throughout the week! Thanks for all the fun comments to old Sand Castle posts. Your ability to keep active on more than one of your own blogs is one more inspiring success.

    2. Aw...thanks. I have to push to get things done. I have always been what my mom called a GOER ...I was always going. On top of that I became a doer also. Being divorced for 25 yrs I taught myself to do things that otherwise I would not have been doing. But making and crafting is in me and with that since I have been trying to stop picking up things to craft with, considering that I am going to pack up most of my crafts, sort of scares me. I hate giving up one more aspect of my life. I hope to keep woodworking though. I am loving that. I love creating. Thanks always for your great comments.

  2. Did you make it? The end is close...

    1. I'm getting there, taking a break as I type. ~grin~ Thanks for asking.

  3. Good luck in those final hours towards the finish line. I know you'll make it :-)

  4. I am glad you were able to get back to writing. That yogurt does not sound good at all. Good luck getting to the finish line :)

    1. Thank you for the kind word. And I'm sorry to denigrate any health food. I did meet my goal, even if my daily scenes are currently a mess. Heh... That can be amended later.


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