Friday, November 24, 2017

Adventures in Writing – Experimenting with Music

Many of my fellow writers rely on music to set the tone. I am no different, except perhaps in musical taste. Instead of  atmospheric instrumentals such as most of my friends choose, I prefer hard driving rock tunes whose words are engrained on my brain. Mouthing the provocative lyrics by the band Korn is not distracting. In fact, I find my fingers fly across the keyboard.

Yesterday a tease from my partner about my obsession over Palaye Royale (“You’ve abandoned all your pretty Japanese bands.”) made me decide to experiment. For a change of pace I pulled up the visual kei concept album ‘merveilles’ by Malice Mizer.

As it turns out, the sometimes sweeping violins and oft sentimental tone of Gackt’s sweet baritone actually drove a main protagonist out of the room. To be fair, Nickolas was too ticked off at Alexandra for reasonable conversation, anyway.

Late, Great Malice Mizer Drummer Kami
He Also Inspires My Vision of Nickolas

And I decided what to do if the direction stalls out my National Novel Writing Month word count. I can always have Nicky and Alex ‘make up’ after Johnny leaves the room. ~wink~ We shall see. As I type this I’m in my key writing time and need to get back to NaNoWriMo.

What should I experiment with today? Any suggestions?



  1. How about some oldie or country? haha.....Hoping you are doing well with you over thousand words a day in your writing. Me, I could not train myself to do that. You went with the writing in Nov..and I went with No Shave Nov....haha. Kidding, that would drive me totally nuts! Today, I am tired from the events of the day yesterday, a tad sore but I am doing just fine. Thanks for always checking.

    1. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll listen to Johnny Cash. ~grin~ I also own a Gene Watson album shared by a neighbor shortly before he passed away. It makes me sad to listen, though, for the most part. Glad you don't feel too bad!

  2. As someone who needs silence to write (so I can hear the cadence of the words), I can't help you. Perhaps you should get on one of those streaming services and pick a station at random.

    1. Interesting take, my dear. I prefer to choose the source and not be surprised, though creation happens in silence in abundance, as well. Thanks for the suggestion!


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