Monday, August 21, 2017

Things My Mother Taught Me

Somehow, I volunteered to say a few words at my mother's upcoming memorial service. It remains to be seen if I can get through the roughly minute and a half long speech, but here's what I wrote Saturday afternoon.

Things My Mother Taught Me
Comedian Christopher Titus once said, “Mothers give you knowledge. Fathers make you earn it.” Well, I don’t know about that because my father still offers good advice. But there are many things Mom specifically passed along, either by word or deed.

One. You’re never too old for crayons.

Two. Hats are cool no matter what anybody says.

Three. If you can’t remember your new friend’s name, ask her to spell it. Of course, that only works if it’s unusual. But to this day I remember my friend Lanita, wherever she may be.

Four. Hair accessories never go out of style.

Five. Christmas tree tinsel is a seasonal hair accessory.

And something I never thought about until a cherished friend brought it up is that Mom played music with her whole heart. She didn’t let the occasional slip up derail her joy. So don’t worry about being a perfectionist. Well, unless it’s a Buehler's Kitchen Corner pizza for the display case or a church salad luncheon sign.

Last but not least, I’d like to share my favorite scripture, which I’ll paraphrase. It sums up two of the most important things both Mom and Dad instilled, even if I’m not always a good example of them.

It’s from the book of Proverbs. ‘Two things I ask of thee, O Lord, deny them not to me before I die. Remove far from me falsehood and lying. And give me neither poverty, nor riches, lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, “Who is the Lord?” Or lest I steal, and defy my God.’

My mother was extremely honest, and she was ever generous. Thanks, Mom.



  1. That is so lovely! I especially love the advice about crayons :-)

  2. That is a beautiful speech. I am sure it will be hard to get through, but I am sure you can do it. XO

  3. Wonderful speech. Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure your mother is looking down on you with a smile on her face.

  4. Very sweet. And don't worry about "getting through" it. Everyone understands if this is hard for you to do. Take care.

  5. I like it. I bet your mom would also.

  6. Sometimes our memories are hard to remember until times like this. Sometimes it is hard to remember exactly what they taught you till they are gone. Hugs to you sweetie.


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