Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lesson Learned

Note to self: don garden gloves before handling cucumber plants. Otherwise that invisible little scratch on the back of an index finger swells into a throbbing, itching little ache.

I should know better, not even walking the yard without full foot coverage.  Hurray for liquid bandage killing some of the urge to scratch and rub.

In honor of my stupidity I want to share the video matching my title, if not the content.

WARNING: Video is not safe for work (NSFW) or suitable for children. There is seriously implied violence, lots of nudity, and intense sexual content. Good stuff. ~grin~ Gotta love Alice in Chains videos.

Do you grow a summer vegetable garden? Are you like my partner anticipating lots of preservation canning?



  1. My thumb is more black than green. (I managed to kill a cactus. Don't leave living plants around me ;) ) So, no, no garden for me.

    1. You have many other gifts to more than make up for this, my dear. Thanks for weighing in!

  2. They do hurt like a cactus. We have a garden, but my hubby does 99% of the work outside. I do an tomatoes and freeze corn, beans and peas. I also make pickles and some jams and jellies with our fruits.

    1. Can I borrow your hubby? ~grin~ Sounds like you do a lot with the produce, though! And my guy actually handles some things on that end.


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