Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - My Hairdresser

One of the longest relationships in my life is with my hairdresser. She's really something and, since I need to visit her soon, the lady's on my mind. So, here are thirteen facts about her.

1. She’s a talented stylist

2. Her salon is in her home

3. Her husband and children are a delight to know

4. She enjoys my experimentation

5. Her prices are very reasonable

6. She is very caring

7. She’s as dependable as the sunrise

8. We laugh a lot together

9. Her knowledge of diverse subjects is fascinating

10. There is always some extended family drama that makes me grateful for my life

11. She introduced me to her long-time friends in the rock group Tesla

12. Her opinions are rock solid and never wavering, almost to a fault

13. She loves animals



  1. When you find a stylist who works well with you, it's a relationship more precious than gold. Especially when you bond with them on a personal level. LOL!

    Happy TT!

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  3. She sounds a lot like the hairdresser my grandmother went to for decades.

  4. Can she come to Louisiana to do my hair? I need a hairstylist. Sounds great! They are hard to find, a really good one who will be honest and tell you, "Don't do it!"

  5. A good hairdresser is like gold, and yours sounds wonderful!

  6. This was a great idea for a TT! I'm so glad she's in your life.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words. I am lucky to know her and have a good hairstyle now, too!


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