Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Parkside Observations

Thirteen things I can see from my picnic table at the park. I decided to write at lunchtime, and this odd little exercise came to mind. Let’s see…

1. A bag of pretzels, now scattered those for the birds, the bag tossed – why are people such pigs?

2. Butterflies, too far away to determine breeds

3. A big yellow beetle whose type I’ve never noted before

4. Robins, patrolling the field for insects

5. One large squirrel, not something I see here every day

6. An abandoned playground set, which Mr. Squirrel is now checking out

7. Distant shimmers from the hot summer sun

8. No crows – I’m seriously surprised and rather disappointed in their absence today

9. A port-o-pot, one reason outside of crowds that I avoid going to most summer festivals

10. Falling leaves, reminding me that cooler days will be here before I know it

11. A tiny, curious bee who seems to think there’s something good to eat around here

12. Still more plastic bags – how many do I have to pick up today?

13. And yes, a garbage can, several, in fact, in strategic points all over this park


  1. I hate that the park was so messy when you visited - why *are* people such pigs, anyway???

    Still, even with this distraction, it still sounds like a peaceful, tranquil place.

    Happy TT! :)

  2. Fun exercise. I detest litterers. Drives me insane. I've noticed even my teenage girls pick up bags and candy wrappers left on the ground.
    Happy T13!

  3. I'm with you. Thanks for picking up those bags. We need more people taking care of our special places. :)

  4. Yes, littering is especially offensive when trash cans are available. It's like shopping carts left in a parking space a few yards away from the cart corral.

  5. Hey, a Port-o-Pot is nothing. Try an outhouse full of black widows.

  6. Very cool!


    My TT is at

  7. People will toss trash on the ground when there's a trash can six feet away. I just don't get it!

  8. A few things I can see from the view from my lap where my grandson just fell asleep: a Frankensein doll, a toy cow and truck,and a pumpkin I grew in my garden.

  9. I appreciate hearing that you picked up some of that trash, Darla. It's too bad that some people don't care enough not to litter in the first place.

  10. Seeing all the nature is good - the litter, not so much. I don't get people who litter. It seriously ticks me off.

  11. I abhor people who litter, especially when there is a trash can only a few feet away, but really -- how hard is it to take your garbage with you? Hope you enjoyed your afternoon in the park!

  12. I don't get the trash thing either. My youngest will toss something at the can, miss and LEAVE IT THERE. Makes me nuts.

  13. Interesting post, Darla.
    I loved the bit in K.A. Mitchell's "Collision Course" where Joey gets up and puts Aaron's trash in the bin and there is a strand running through it about cleanliness and cockroaches.
    Still, I'm glad you also saw the beauty and your day wasn't totally spoiled.
    BTW. You won a copy of "Mardi Gras" by posting on my site. Can you send me your contact email if you want me to send it to you? Or has Jill Noble already done that?

  14. Looks like people would get the hint and toss their trash in a trash can.

    Happy TT.


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