Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Kitty

I have to admit to being a sucker for the cute Japanese phenomenon of Hello Kitty. As I type, there is a notebook on my desk featuring her little face. And there have been other items, as well, such as a Hello Kitty freezer pack for my lunch bag. Unfortunately, it finally sprung a leak.

Now this find, though, really blew me away. Liking futomaki, I want to try this at home. I can only imagine getting pink by chopping up the artificial crab leg so the red mixes with the white. What do you think?  The only thing wrong, besides anyone seriously having this much time on her hands, is the absence of chopsticks.  Then again, those are hotdog hearts.  I guess they do deserve forks.


  1. Awesome!! My daughter and I are big Hello Kitty fans-we share a 'fatal attraction to cuteness'

  2. Oh my goodness, lol. What will they think of next.

    Thanks for sharing, Darla!

  3. Thanks, dears, for the kind comments. Apparently, there are more versions out there!

  4. Those are awesome! I would have the coolest lunch in town if I had Hello Kitty sushi!

  5. Bratty, I agree. I wish I had the patience to make something so detailed.

  6. Oh wow, those are so cute! But after you spend the all that time making it, it would break your heart to watch someone gobble it down, fast. :(



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