Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thirteen reasons I should have stayed home from work today:

1. It’s raining, and my muse thrives on rainy weather

2. Imagining a beautiful exchange between two fictional characters, I would have preferred to keep daydreaming in bed until the urge to write the scene forced me to get up

3. I’m actually in a good mood and should let my work-from-home partner enjoy this side for a change

4. My Thursday 13 list wasn’t already written as I’d wrongfully thought (a blog post is in the pipe for another topic– duh) and I could concentrate better away from here

5. The day job isn’t any fun

6. The one and only street out of my neighborhood was blocked by a fire truck due to a fallen tree (unfortunately, the fireman waved me on before I came to my senses and went home)

7. A constant stream of emails distract my attention from the fiction I’d rather be writing

8. Painting on my home’s interior is done and tons of artwork needs re-hung

9. Three cats would rather have me there

10. The floor needs vacuumed and I won’t want to do it by day’s end

11. My daily Japanese lesson could be done with a cat on the lap instead of sitting in my car or the company break room

12. It’s noisy here and I like things quiet (music in my ear keeps me somewhat sane)

13. To bastardize a quote my dad taught me about fishing, “A slow day of writing beats a good day at the office”

I hope that, wherever you are, you have a good Thursday!

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