Thursday, June 10, 2010

13 Amazing Ice Cream Flavors

Not surprisingly, the Japanese have managed to turn a favorite treat into something either incredibly wondrous or utterly disgusting. I decided to share what I found on the amusing Who Sucks website. You can see for yourself, here:

This ain't your typical vanilla soft serve:

1. Miso – this one actually sounds good if you ask me; the bean paste should lend its flavor well to either sweet or savory foods

2. Genmai – brown rice is healthy but I have yet to appreciate the chewiness, I’ll stick with the white Japanese style (Kokuho Rose is good, and thanks to this site I want to try Koshihikari rice!)

3. Sesame, Soybean, and Dried Kelp – Call me crazy, but I’d give this a taste without hesitation

4. Silk – actually made with the fibers, it can’t possibly have a flavor; silk should forever remain strictly as a textile if you ask me

5. Stout – thumbs up; dark beer strikes me as a pretty clever and intriguing taste

6. Potato Liquor – not so much, if this distilled form has the null properties I associate with vodka

7. Red Wine – staying with the alcohol theme, it sounds downright nasty to me, like a combination I saw the other day of Merlot and chocolate blended in a drink

8. Natural Salt – being a fan of salty more than sweet, I’d nonetheless have to add something sugary if this is as briny and unembellished as it sounds

9. Cherry Blossom – said to be delightful, the idea sounds quite wonderful!

10. Cheese Risotto – the gag factor strikes me as really high on this one

11. Chili Pepper – I want some without a doubt; bring on the burn

12. Indian Curry – sounds like a winner in my humble opinion but I’m also not your typical consumer of chocolaty sweets

13. Before reading, know that this last is really horrific…

I’m serious, it’s not for the faint of heart…

Raw Horseflesh – said to literally have chunks of the meat, this completely sickened me – Flicka? No way. Raw? That’s just nauseating.


  1. Hmmm... I've had Parmigiano Reggiano-flavored ice cream before, and I think that would be close to the cheese risotto flavor (if it's done right). It wasn't half-bad, but it was more of a curiosity thing, for me.

    I love red bean ice cream, and green tea ice cream too. Rice-flavor is yummy! I actually got to try a "rose grappa" flavored ice cream once - it tasted just like it! Delicious! Sadly, I haven't been able to find it since. Well worth seeking out, though.

    But no, I wouldn't want "horseflesh" flavored anything. I've tried the real thing and didn't like it at all. Ugh.

    Happy TT!

  2. Okay, number thirteen is just wrong! Poor horses! The cherry blossom and bean paste sound interesting, though! The others, not so much!


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  3. I don't like ice cream but I found it interesting to learn that Milton Hershey experimented with a wide variety of weird flavors at his Hershey Park when it opened. Strangely, Beet flavored ice cream did well for a while.

  4. Blegh! Except maybe for the Cherry Blossom one, these definitely sound terrifyingly yucky!

  5. Wow, Kimberly, I can't imagine knowingly trying horse meat ~ you're brave. I did taste the dog's food when I was a kid. ;) Paige and Tatiana, you're probably right about the cherry blossom. Yum. I'm actually with you on this, Inez. Now, somebody tell me how I managed to post this twice. Good grief. Thanks, dears!

  6. Yeah, I'm with you on the raw horse flesh.


    Happy TT.

  7. The Cherry Blossom one sounds okay, but I'll give most of the others a miss. Horseflesh? No, no, no! That's just not right.

  8. Hmmm, think I'll stick with vanilla. :)

  9. I'm a chicken and wouldn't try most of those. And how twisted am I? You said disgusting and I thought of baby flavored ice cream. I should really write that horror story and stop making crazy blog posts.

    Awesome post Darla!

  10. Heard of all of these, and would try most. Not the horse. *shudder*

    I've had wasabi/ginger chocolate, and I've had red bean and green tea ice cream - all of which were excellent. I've had bacon chocolate (okay, not great). I'm pretty open when it comes to strange combinations. I draw the line at raw horse. no. way.

  11. Thanks for sharing your opinions! I appreciate the fun feedback.


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