Saturday, January 26, 2019

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction – Or Reflect It? And a Joyous Report

Trying to escape my mental funk, I have been looking at the prose written during National Writing Month last November. It’s been interesting. And a tiny bit creepy.

Today I came to a half forgotten passage in which my character wrapped her car around a utility pole, set off the airbags, and suffered minor whiplash.

Now I’m going to share a rotten little confession. Exchanging messages with a dear local friend, I admitted hoping the hit-and-run driver is sitting in jail with, of all things, minor whiplash. He replied, “lol mean lol”.

I must reiterate my use of the word ‘minor’. ~nods~ My husband informed me that all her misdemeanors could result in a year’s imprisonment. It seems to me justice would better be served with the woman performing community service.

On a happy note, I saw both of my surviving kuhli loaches alive and (seeming) well this afternoon. The typhoid mollies kept taking food out of their mouths, though.

I didn’t even think mollies would eat algae tablets. ??? Tomorrow I’m going to bury those skinny, slippery little guys’ chow in an empty snail shell where the mollies shouldn’t fit.

Meanwhile, trying to find a photo of my kuhli loaches I could not. Instead, I located an unexpected one (below) taken in January of 2014 featuring my now deceased clown loach named Frack. Dark orange with black stripes, he is a bit out of focus (that lion fish to the right is artificial). I am amazed and a bit heartbroken to note how much he grew in the last five years.

RIP Little Frack
Do you think I should just populate my tank with more fakes?



  1. No, I think once you get the situation dealt with, you should get real fish. You enjoyed them so much. And now you know what not to do should a similar situation arise in the future.

  2. You wouldn't be happy with artificial fish! No personalities, no hiding in little nooks and crannies. It would be like artificial flowers in your garden, and I know you like your garden!

    Mollies LOVE vegetable matter! They are omnivorous. Do you ever get them any live blood worms for a treat? Usually the independent pet stores sell them by the ounce. Have yours ever given birth? When we had fish I used to buy the small rectangular packages of frozen chopped spinach and chip off pieces for the fish. They loved it!

    We replaced our totaled car yesterday! A different kind, 2 years newer and 10,000 fewer miles, but of course a price difference. Hope yours can be fixed. I wouldn't have wanted ours back after seeing it, I wouldn't have trusted there wasn't a frame problem.

    1. I'd thought about getting plants, instead, for the fish tank. :) But funny enough, the salt that keeps fish healthy kills vegetation and I just bought a big container of aquarium salt in the midst of all that aquatic trauma. So I especially appreciate your comments on the mollies I'm having trouble enjoying in the aftermath. ~sigh~ It has been fun seeing fry born and grow up in past years. I once had a red molly born with just one eye. That was interesting. 'One Eye' lived a good long life. And I'm sorry about your trials but glad you got a replacement. We haven't gotten word back on our car, but it's early, so we shall see. Be well!

  3. Fake don't die. Sorry...I used to love having a tank and watching them swim around with all the lights off in the living room and just the tank light on and then came Caleb! Him and his mom moved in with me and he loved playing in the tank and putting toys in it. He was not a yr old at the time. He is 18 now and I have not had a tank since. I realized that with my pain issues keeping something like that cleaned and cared for would probably be an issue. I love the pic of your Frank though...very cool looking.

    1. Oh, I bet that must have been a time with Caleb! I hope you feel better soon, my dear. And thanks for all the kind words.

  4. sorry for "deceased clown loach named Frack."
    no, I don't like artificial.
    have a great day.

    1. Awww... Thank you. I miss those guys still. Heh... Be well!

  5. I hope you can keep your fish alive, fed and the right temp. That's a strange wish, when I read it back.


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