Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Apple Versus Android

Over ten years ago (almost fifteen?) I bought my Kindle Fire. The thing is still going strong. I continue downloading e-books and playing electronic card games with ease.

A very short time after my purchase, my partner became a bit envious. He did a little online research and opted to go with an Acer tablet. Well, the thing saw almost zero usage.

From the start it was way heavier. You see, SO wanted a larger screen than my Kindle has.

Guess what? The screen is not that much bigger. Other than a brief period a few years in which I watched videos while lying across our bed, that Acer has mostly gathered dust.

Lately I started wishing I could read my own unpublished stories lying down, perhaps do a little light editing whenever I wake up in the morning not yet ready to rise. In that context, the Acer’s slightly wider screen seemed ideal.

First, I needed to trust the security of a cloud storage service like Dropbox. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge. I currently have nine of my short stories uploaded.

This morning I fired up the Acer and tried signing onto Dropbox. Nothing happened. Repeatedly. The only evidence of anything was a slight blink when and where I pressed the button.

The box in which to type my user name and password didn’t come up at all. Feeling quite clever, after a little fiddling I managed to pull up a different sign-on page where I could type. Again I thought, here we go.


I received an error message telling me that Dropbox does not support my browser. But I could upload the latest edition of Chrome, my preferred Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Okay. Here we go.

No. “Page unavailable. Check to see if you typed the address in correctly or have an adequate Internet connection.” Disgusted and dreading the answer, I put the device down until my husband stepped away from his PC game.

“Make it work,” I said, explaining my dilemma.

“Sorry. I’m afraid it’s useless.”


“Google doesn’t support its products as well as Apple.”

Ah. Okay.
My iPod Touch; of course the screen savr features Palaye Royale
And yes, the lead singer is wearing a skirt
Maybe I’ll try accessing my email on the Acer. I regularly send my updated stories from one address to the other as a sort of back-up, another layer of protection from hardware failure. Meanwhile, I can access Dropbox on my iPod Touch so maybe I should try it with the Kindle Fire. The Kindle hasn’t been the most wieldy when web browsing but it can’t hurt to try, I suppose.

If you’re better in the know than I, would you recommend a smartphone or iPhone to someone looking to upgrade?
Remington Sporting a Courtney Love Designer Dress for LA Fashion Week
Because They're Palaye Royale and... Why not?


  1. I have an Android and it's all I've ever had. I can't weigh in on which is best. I sure love my Android.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug. ♥

  2. I know I can upload my writing to my Nook, so there has to be a way that you can upload your work to your Kindle. I believe it's called side loading. There's software called... Oh, I can't remember. It's on my laptop at home. It converts files into the right format to side load anything onto ereaders.

    I'll check that out when I get home and update you. It's very nice to be able to read manuscripts from ereaders.

    1. You're so kind! I should get busy and do a little research. ~sigh~ I'm not the best with tech, as I'm sure you've figured out. Heh... Be well!

  3. I'm not an expert on tablets. Even so, I know a few people who have tablets and have had the same type of problems you have experienced. I have a Kindle Fire, an iPad and a PC and manage pretty well between the three of them.

  4. Did you check online about that message, "Dropbox does not support" the browser? It seems you should be able to use it.

    My son has a cheap (cheap as in $99) tablet from Walmart, an RCA that he does everything with! He loves it. He has a desktop and an iPhone (old), and laptop too, but is usually seen with the tablet. It isn't "supposed" to do things he's got it to do downloading apps! It's a tablet, but it has a cover, like a laptop, that snaps on and off, so it's great as a mini-computer too. It's the thing that has convinced him it's a great thing to be employed and have spending money! (Before he pays his own bills and has no extra!)

    I like my old iPhone. Old means 5c, from 2013! It's paid for, and works. My oldest son has an Android, and my other son would prefer one to Apple, but his iPhone still works for his needs, and I pay for it! (H2O is extremely cheap if anyone wants a provider for less, they use the ATT network.)

    I've never had an ereader, never will! That's just me, lots of people love them!

  5. Thank you for all the information! I resisted getting an e-reader for a long time, it seems, though I've had this one for a good while as stated. It's nice for reading in bed. We also play Scrabble on it while out sometimes. Now I can't imagine not having it!

  6. Sorry, I no nothing about them. My cell phone does not even have a camera- pathetic, huh?

    1. No Worries. And you're not pathetic. Neither does my cell phone take pictures. We're not alone, either, holdouts on a more private era. Be well, my dear.

  7. That singer definitely has a keen sense of style! I'm afraid I'm not the person to ask when it comes to technological issues - in fact, I don't even have a phone!

    1. Heh... He's a hoot.

      I definitely don't have a 'smart' phone. ~grin~ You work from home if memory serves. Right?

      Be well!

  8. As you know I have been lost of late or should I say missing in action from Blogging, FBing, emailing...etc. Really have not been missing it as much as I thought I would. I am in no means tech poor since I have two desktops, two laptops, iphone and now the ipad.....I am never away from tech and accessing my social media...its just now been in me to DO! Feeling better the last couple of days, weather temps might have something to do with that so I am trying to see what I have missed here in Blog Land!

    1. Awww... I've missed you and wish you all the best. Now if only the weather would stay this way. ~hugs~ Take care!


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