Thursday, June 7, 2018

Darla's Discoveries (How to Live Trap a Spider, a Little Biology Lesson, and My Latest Misadventure)

Warning: Don't like creepy crawling things? Then please give this a skip (includes a photo).

I don’t know what it is about our house with all the centipedes and whatnot, though we can probably blame the wooded fields out back. Or maybe it’s me, the one forever coming across big bugs, usually when naked and legally blind sans eyeglasses entering the shower stall.

A few summers ago I discovered a very large spider in the floor drain between my washer and dryer where it resided for several weeks before moving on. You see, we try our best to release native species back into the wild rather than destroy them and I couldn’t figure out how to do so in that particular case.

(Trust me when I tell you one or both of us would have been injured had that spider ran at me.)

Here's the live trap trick I discovered. The best case scenario is when your insect or whatever resides on a flat, open surface. From there you need some large glass or plastic cup, thin stiff paper (like an envelope), and a little fortitude. Fortunately, today I spied the similar beast pictured below before it settled into the drain. And it’s a good thing I wasn’t home alone, because this harmless arachnid drained all my fortitude.

These so-called fishing spiders have the ability to hunt underwater, trapping air in a surrounding bubble like a self made diving suit. I figured that explained the drain lair, though they’re just as successful on the ground (years ago I spotted one on our driveway). At least these home invaders found me on dry land, as well.

My first Southwest Ohio encounter was in a canoe, when collision with an overhanging tree branch dislodged a huge spider and knocked it into our boat. By some miracle, my hysterics did not capsize us before my then-fiancé flipped our uninvited guest into the water where it stood atop unfazed like some creepy, eight-legged messiah.

Today I actually shook in my sandals until DH answered my frantic phone call and came downstairs to help wrangle the creature. I fetched a big plastic cup and piece of stiff paper from our new mattress cover packaging (why I went downstairs in the first place, to launder the cover). This photo is taken on the other side of the laundry room wall, near the stairs.

Why You Shaking, Lady?
Sorry it’s grainy. I was also too nervous to think of using a flash, though maybe that’s just as well as it might have spooked the poor thing. As it was, this peaceful hunter stood still for the procedure, and SO got a good chuckle when I reacted to the tease, “It’s all yours now.” I got called “cute” several times while overseeing disposal down the hill and swear the thing sailed like a flying squirrel on the way.

My Foot for Comparison in the Calm Aftermath
On that note, I should be glad we haven’t been invaded by destructive rodents. However cute, they can also carry disease.

Are you having a mildly exciting day like mine?



  1. My views on spiders....there is no better spider than a dead one! HAHA...NO PUTTING IT OUT. Well, maybe out of my misery! However with that said, a spider outside is not a big deal, I leave it just so long as it is smart enough to NOT enter my home! There again, with that said, I did release one in the wild back before cold weather sat in, it was in Lily's litter box stored at my brothers (yes, I keep one there)...and it scared the CRAP out of me. After doing some dancing and cussing I picked up the box and ran to the back door, throwing it out. I did for a couple of reasons, it was BIG! I don't step on or swat at a BIG one. And because this was a wolf spider. Although I assume breeding time was over I was not taking a chance cause this critters, insects, pain in my ass carry their babes on their back. You step on...they go all over! Now ...back to your issue, bug spray! haha. That was a big spider !! And I love that SO was no help at all! haha...

  2. Sorry....forgot I meant to share in TN we have brown recluse....NASTY spiders. Not pretty when bit, bites have been known to kill and yes, they have lived with me before. I even have a bite to show for it, a bite I will not show since it was on my cheek....of my ass! haha...answer to your question, milk in bottles and I don't remember Black Jack gum.

    1. Thank you for the giggles. But I'm sorry you got bit by a brown recluse! We have them here, too, and I make a point of slapping gardening shoes and gloves against a solid object before putting them on in the garage.

  3. I'm an old hand at capturing spiders and moving them outside. The cup and paper trick is the only way to go. Just as long as I see them before I'm naked. Then they might go down the drain (although I'd prefer to just shoo them out of the shower).

    1. Great minds think alike. ~grin~ With the centipedes, nine times out of ten they are hanging over me from the textured ceiling. ~shakes head~ Be well, my dear.

  4. That is a big spider. I always try to release them back outside too. A little mouse or any other bug makes me scream, but I like spiders. :)

    1. Interesting! I'm sort of like that. Tinier spiders, especially the ones that look like they're wearing little boxing gloves, are quite cute to me.

  5. Spiders don't last very long in our house. We don't try to get them outside. We've found lizards and got them back outside. Flies don't do very well either.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥


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