Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fun with Rewrites and an Eye Opener

It’s no secret I have a series of short stories, nor that I’m fearful of sharing with the world in general. There are so many haters, I think oftentimes just jealous of more talented and/or successful people. All the time I read of author acquaintances (many I’d dare call friends) demeaned by mean words.

Noodling Around with Book Cover Ideas
The Image is More Suited to the Third
Tale Set Partly in Patras, Greece
Despite what you see above, for now I’m happy just enjoying reading and rereading, polishing my tales one through seventeen. Others need major overhauls, reading somewhat like stereo instructions after being penned over ten years ago. I’ll get around to that, as well, I’ve promised myself, as long as my mind and middle aged body hold out. ~grin~ Meanwhile, it’s good to be me having fun playing with my characters.

As for my eye opener, let me give you a little back story. The series is called “BloodMoon” after my werewolf main OC’s hard rock band. Its initial tale was called the same with a space between the words, indicative of the yearly moon phase in the traditional ancient lycanthrope calendar I’ve imagined.

The rest of the series follows a trend I’ve mentioned before, and even asked for aid on, using phrases like bark at the moon, cat’s meow, etc. Thank you to those who provided suggestions. I have since added some new stories as a result. The idioms dog eat dog, weak as a kitten, and dog with a bone fitting new plots. That first already has a home in the timeline.

This morning my revelation involves the first story’s title. Not only is “Blood Moon” nonconforming with the follow-ons, but the reference to the lunar cycle no longer resides within its words! I split it into two a while back with a little cliffhanger in between so the stories are all closer to thirteen thousand words.

As of today the series now starts with “Cat Scratch Fever”. I’m happy how the title suits the tumultuous start to my characters’ relationship.

Do you have any current major obsessions projects?



  1. Writing is a very difficult thing to do. Well writing well that is. I'm too lazy for this kind of hard work. I'm more into relaxing on the back of my boat, going for cruise and enjoying my golden years.

    The haters...they are everywhere and I'm sick of listening to them, so I don't. I say do your thing and hold your head up high. It's your life, not the haters life. You're the lucky one.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Be well, my dear, and safe sailing.

  2. So it's time for a retitle? That happens. I'm so bad at titles myself, most of my stories have place holder titles until something occurs. (Maybe someday that idea will occur ;)

    1. Interesting! My stories often start with a title. ~grin~ Happy Writing!

  3. I agree that most haters are just jealous of another's success. I am impressed that you have 17 volumes of Blood Moon.

  4. Haters ruin it for everyone. But I guess that's their goal - if they can't feel good about themselves, they don't think anyone else should.

    Keep plugging away and don't let the haters stop you.


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