Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Observations on Cats

I grew up having dogs around. We had a cat briefly, but the barn raised animal never did like city living. Eventually, I found myself living with a cat lover. Since I love all furry creatures pretty equally, this didn't pose a problem. Today, surrounded by the three female cats that make our house a home, I decided to share things I adore and some, not so much.

1. Any time you put something in front of a cat's nose, she cannot resist sniffing it.

2. A cat will turn her nose up at you if she's not in the mood for your company.

3. Our cats our almost always in the mood for our company.

4. Last night we had all three kitties and both humans on the love seat in front of the television.

5. Every day I leave is hard because I'd rather stay home and watch their antics.

6. Our cats have more toys than probably exist in some third world countries.

7. Felines don't need to go outside to do their business at inopportune times.

8. Soiled cat litter is no fun to swap out.

9. Fur is soft and fun to caress.

10. Fur balls tossed up on the carpet are not fun to step on.

11. Any human with a cat on the lap is entitled to ask for favors so as not to disturb the creature.

12. They eat better than we do.

13. I'm going to need serious therapy when any of our trio passes away.

What pet(s) do you have, or would if you could?


  1. Awww you sound like your cats are your family. Awesome!

  2. Awww...great list! This makes me miss our two cats, Biscuit and Midnight. We really loved them, but unfortunately my husband and youngest son were allergic to them, so we had to find another home for them. *sniff sniff* They're happy where they are, but I sure do miss them. Happy Thursday!

  3. I have a kitty, too - and even though she's a bit of a handful, my hubby has come to understand that your #11 is sacrosanct. If the kitty is even curled up *next* to one of us, that rule comes into play. LOL!

    I love my kitty, and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

  4. So cute! Love animals!


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  5. My hubby doesn't like cats so we have a dog instead. I don't mind since a pet becomes part of the family no matter if it's a cat or dog. Actually, our puppy does lots of the same stuff your cats do, including throwing up on the carpet!

  6. I enjoyed your post. My fantasy life includes at least two cats.

  7. Although I'm allergic to both cats and dogs, I used to have two cats that I loved a great deal. It's been some fifteen years since then and every now and again, I wish we could have another one. Maybe next year!

    Happy T13,

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  8. Cat litter and litter training have become a major part of our household lately. The shelter said they were litter trained. They lied.

  9. Thanks for sharing your stories. I'm sorry some are sad. Best wishes to all of you!


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