Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The View Outside My Window

1. Snow - it's falling as I type, though it might not be by the time I post this

2. Squirrels - tails fluffed up against the cold

3. One stubborn leaf clinging to the neighbor's tree

4. A tiny, shabby motel - I often wonder what type of people stay there

5. Life size concrete animals - oddly, the neighbor has deer and cows lined up in a row

6. Grey skies - I don't really mind since we're getting the snow

7. Minivans and SUVs - doesn't anyone drive a sedan around here but me? At least I'm not looking at a parking lot, just a few vehicles

8. The road out of town - it's surprisingly quiet for the time of day

9. A mysterious evergreen tree - I've left the volunteer plant because the shape reminds me of something out of Dr. Seuss

10. No vultures - I really miss our summertime flock

11. The neighbor's shed, barn, and carport - really, how much stuff does one family need?

12. A dense line of bare winter trees - we live near a river that hides just out of sight of the vegetation

13. A cardinal - his plumage is a welcome splash of color


  1. Most of our snow has melted, leaving only flattened banks in the shadows. No Cardinals here, alas.

  2. I love these sorts of posts - especially since I can almost visualize what you're describing - and I miss the snow already! Waaaah!

  3. Love squirrels!


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  4. As you know, I have more snow again. At least your windows don't look out on a parking lot. At least the trees block most of that view in summer, but right now? Tired of looking at it.

  5. Nice, I love the mental picture your words painted.

    The almond orchard where I live is in full blooms, but the petals have started to fall and are blowing around in the breeze.


  6. Vultures? As in big, scary scavengers of the bird variety? Wow. We don't see many here. Must be different where you live. I see crows quite often, and seagulls and geese, but nary one of those.

  7. I can just see that cardinal, bright against the grey swky and snowy ground. Lovely!

  8. You miss your vultures? Oh my. Congrats Darla. You won a print copy of In Your Eyes on my Thursday Thirteen post yesterday. Please send your mailing address to
    I hope you enjoy my book :)

  9. I'm watching the snow melt drip off my neighbor's roof right now.

  10. Just rain and rain and rain here. Welcome to March in OR :) Lovely post, Darla. I enjoyed getting to picture what you're seeing.


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