Saturday, March 19, 2011

Helping the Pet Medicine Go Down

I recently had to start giving my cat medication for her thyroid. What a nightmare. Then the vet said she needed half a pill two times a day! I couldn't believe my rotten luck. The single afternoon event had been stressful enough.

Then the veterinary assistant told me about Greenie's pill pockets. Skeptical, I took the sample offered. I figured my cat would chew the soft treat and spit out the medicine.

Was I ever wrong, and thrilled to be! We haven't had an issue since. I just pop the halved pill in the cup shaped treat, squeeze closed the opening with my other hand (we don't want the scent of the medicine on the outside of the treat), and feed the cat. She gulps them down with a vehement and hearty head shake as if she's killing prey!

They also have them for dogs, and I can't recommend them enough. Here's the link to Feline Pill Pockets.

I hope this wonderful product helps you, too, if you're in the same boat.


  1. When my dog was still alive, I gave her those with her pill in them. I think the vet told me about them. They smell like beef jerky so I imagine they taste like it too.

  2. My dog has had chronic problems his whole life and has been on countless medications. It used to be such a struggle for me to get pills down his throat. He also has severe allergies, so I have to be really careful what he ingests. His dermatologist told me to try cream cheese. I thought, pfft, yeah right. But I tried it anyway, because I was tired of having to torture him by just stuffing them down his throat. It worked like a charm! I only wish I'd heard of it years before.

  3. My cat has to take the thryoid pills 2x a day as well. My husband just sits on the bed, holds him still with one hand, pops open his jaw, and drops in the pill.
    Then, he grabs the cat underneath his "armpits" and does the band conductor pantomime.
    Most of the time, the cat purrs....

  4. That sounds helpful. Thanks for sharing!


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