Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I Like David Sedaris

There are so many things that draw me to the essays and fiction of talented writer David Sedaris.

The author has earned both my audience and respect. I’d like to share thirteen of his wonderful attributes.

1. The man's droll delivery, whether I open a book or listen to his staged readings, is his classic signature

2. Mr. Sedaris turns the most absurd ideas into poignant writings

3. Chapter Make That a Double from his book “Me Talk Pretty One Day” is so funny I almost hurt myself laughing; guffawing is not a wise activity while on a ski machine

4. His irreverence for all things is witty and unpretentious

5. David’s ability to turn tears into laughter and back again never fails to amaze me

6. The frank way he embellishes upon chemical dependency is both alarming and hilarious; his tell of ongoing recovery inspiring

7. His exaggerated memories of childhood are a treasure

8. David Sedaris expresses devotion to family and friends that I greatly admire

9. The man then unabashedly writes anecdotal tales about those very people by name

10. Conversely, he expresses guilt over broadcasting these foibles of his loved ones in ways both touching and entertaining

11. The author describes both personal acceptance and private/public address of homosexuality in ways that move and amuse me, as well

12. His humor is often self deprecating, which I definitely appreciate

13. David avoids addressing governmental politics overmuch while succinctly and humorously expressing his beliefs


  1. Darla, I'm unfamiliar with this author. From your glowing praise I will have to look him up. Thanks for the referral to someone you admire. :)

  2. Darla -

    I adore David Sedaris. I've seen his spoken word a couple of times and he's even funnier live (I nearly peed my pants!) Thank you for spreading the word about this brilliant man.

  3. Oh, nice tribute to Sedaris. Good list.


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